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Staff and Board of Directors


TritaParsi YasminRadjy RezaMarashi JamalAbdi DavidElliott

Dr. Trita Parsi


Yasmin Radjy

National Outreach
& Bay Area Field Director

Reza Marashi

Research Director

Jamal Abdi

Policy Director

David Elliott

Operations Director

SaharFahimi Ryan Costello

Negar Mortazavi

Persian and New Media Director

Mina Jafari

Graphics and Communications Associate

Tyler Cullis

Policy Associate

Sahar Fahimi

Office & Programs Administrator

Ryan Costello

Policy Fellow

Board of Directors

 RezaF  TritaParsi  AliY  Hamid_Farzaneh.jpg  mmharrison

 Nobar Elmi

 Reza Firouzbakht
 Dr. Trita Parsi
 Ali Youssefi
 Hamid Farzaneh
 Mahnaz Harrison
Compliance Officer
 Nobar Elmi
 AliF  Lyric  Nina  Reza Karimi2.jpg  Hassan  Ahmad-Kiarostami3.jpg
 Dr. Ali Fatemi   Lyric Hughes Hale  Nina Kani  Dr. Reza Karimi  Hassan
 Ahmad Kiarostami



Ahmad Shams2.jpg
 Kaveh Mirani
 Dr. Shokooh Miry
  Dr. Karim Pakravan   Lily Sarafan Ahmad Shams
Dr. Forough Parvizian-Yazdani


Advisory Board

ThomasPickering Limbert Gilchrest JimMoody RezaA JuanCole Farideh
The Honorable Thomas Pickering Ambassador John Limbert The Honorable Wayne Gilchrest The Honorable Jim Moody Reza Aslan Dr. Juan Cole Dr. Farideh Farhi
Maz Karimi ladjevardi Mehri AlexPatico Ramazani Sadri
Maz Jobrani Dr. Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak Dr. Habib Ladjevardi Cyrus Mehri Alex Patico Dr. R.K. Ramazani Dr. Ahmad Sadri


Leadership Structure

The National Iranian American Council is steered by a Board of Directors, who are elected to staggered two-year terms to provide both continuity and flexibility to the organization's governing body, and it includes influential leaders in the Iranian-American community from varied locations around the country. The Board may expand as the organization grows to include leaders from all areas of the country where large populations of Iranian-Americans reside.

The Executive Committee, consisting of the chairman, president, treasurer, secretary, and compliance officer, are elected to one-year terms by the Board of Directors.

NIAC holds two annual board meetings where the Board of Directors and Officers review plans and develop strategies for short term and longer terms of the organization.

The Board oversees the operation of the organization, reviews reports, evaluates progress, and ensures that the organization continues to progress in fulfilling its mission and goals.

NIAC’s Advisory Board consists of prominent individuals from varying backgrounds with a wide range of knowledge and expertise. The Advisory Board provides advice to NIAC’s Board of Directors in order to ensure that all its activities further the group’s goal of encouraging Iranian-American participation in American civic life.

The committees of the Board, with the help and leadership of the Officers, concentrates on development, public relations, community involvement, and nomination/ elections.