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Ambassador Program

NIAC’s Ambassador Program is a new way of organizing that puts power in the hands of the community.  The purpose of the Program is to provide a local liaison who will serve as a bridge between their local Iranian-American community and NIAC’s national efforts based in Washington, DC, and empower local communities to form closer bonds and execute unique events.  Ambassadors will be in close contact with NIAC’s staff and help ensure a two-way dialogue is maintained between their community and the NIAC Staff in Washington, DC.  Ambassadors will be provided the resources to organize their own local events with NIAC’s support, thereby giving the community more opportunities to take action and build strong networks. 

NIAC Ambassadors are leaders within their respective Iranian-American networks and communities. An Ambassador is knowledgeable on the issues, events, viewpoints, and influencers that affect the community. They serve as a sounding board for ideas and can help provide advice on best practices. 

For more information on events in your area or how to become an Ambassador, contact us at or 202-386-6325.

Presenting NIAC Ambassadors:


Los Angeles, CA
Contact LA Ambassadors
  [object Object] ayda safaei.jpg
Reza Amin
Siobhan Coley-Amin Ayda Safaei


San Francisco, CA
Contact SF Ambassadors 
Christina Ashtary Hani-Ganji_final.jpg
Christina Ashtary Hani Ganji

Saint Paul, MN
Contact Saint Paul Ambassadors 
Maryam Ershadi.jpg Karen_Monahan_2.jpg
Maryam Ershadi Karen Monahan


New York, NY
Contact NY Ambassadors
Haleh Khadem2.jpg Sam Soltani.jpg
Haleh Khadem Sam Soltani


Dallas, TX
Contact Dallas Ambassadors
Mahsa Payesh.jpg Tony Saki
Mahsa Payesh Toni Saki


Washington DC Metropolitan Area
Contact DC Ambassadors

Kahlil Palmer3.jpg

Kahlill Palmer


Central Coast, CA Orange County, CA
Contact Central Coast
Contact Orange County

Siamak Naficy3.jpg
Siamak Naficy Sepideh Dawn Mortazavi



San Diego, CA Atlanta, GA
Contact San Diego
Contact Atlanta
Mersedeh2.jpg Minoosh Kharrazi.jpg
Mersedeh Mehrtash Minoosh Kharrazi