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NPR: Interview with Reza Marashi
France24: Interview with Reza Marashi
NIAC Condemns Deadly Shootings at Jewish Center
Sanctions Relief Could be Biggest Obstacle to Iran Deal
You're Invited: DC Happy Hour
Kerry and Senate Chairman Spar Over Iran Talks
Gulf News: Why the GCC Should Welcome Iran Nuclear Talks
You're Invited: Bay Area Happy Hour
Reuters: Spike in Iran Executions Seen Politically Motivated
Congress Urges President to Ensure Sanctions Do Not Block Medicine for Iranians
The National Interest: Why the Saudis Are Panicking
Russia Standoff Unlikely to Undermine Iran Nuclear Talks
Financial Times: Sanctions: War by Other Means
NIAC Applauds Protection of Persepolis Tablets in Chicago
NIAC Applauds UN Renewal of Iran Human Rights Rapporteur Mandate
Banks Targeting Iranian Americans - What Are Your Rights?
The Hill: Preparing for success in Iran negotiations
Engagement Can Improve Human Rights in Iran Says Parliamentarian
Huffington Post: This Norooz, Wishing Iranians (Access to) a Healthy New Year
Voice of America: Iran's Ties to Terror Shadow Nuclear Talks
Iran Matters: Will US Sanctions Scuttle a Nuclear Deal With Iran?
Al Monitor: In Iran New Year's Address, Khamenei Questions Holocaust
Huffington Post: In Vienna, U.S. and Iran Building a Recipe for Success
This Norooz, Wishing Iranians (Access to) a Healthy New Year
NIAC Applauds General License for U.S.-Iran Academic Exchanges
LA Times: Why Sanctions Don't Really Work
Make Connections at DC Happy Hour!
Are Sanctions Affecting Your Family's Access to Medicine?
Policy Memo: Barriers to Lifting US Sanctions in a Final Deal with Iran
Foreign Policy: It's a Sabotage
NIAC Announces New Additions to Board of Directors
Congressman Keith Ellison Joined NIAC's Day of Service!
UN Secretary General Criticizes Lack of Progress on Human Rights in Iran
U.S.-Iran Diplomacy Now Stronger Than Netanyahu's Pressure
Bank of Hawaii Re-Opens Accounts for Iranians in U.S.
NIAC Commends EU High Representative Ashton for Landmark Iran Visit
Rouhani Faces Increasing Challenges on the Domestic Front
Policy Memo: Menendez-Graham Iran Letter Will Complicate Diplomacy
Woodrow Wilson Center: Iran Nuclear Deal: The Road Ahead
Join the #Act4Peace Online Campaign!
NIAC Statement on House and Senate Iran Letters
SF Medical Access for Iranians Event
40 Organizations Urge Congress to Support Diplomacy, Uphold Iran Deal
Bank of Hawaii Closes Bank Accounts for Iranians Living in U.S.
Policy Memo: Why are Sanctions Blocking Medicine for Iranians and How Can We Fix This?
Huffington Post: In Vienna, U.S. and Iran Shave Down the Mistrust
Al-Monitor: World Powers, Iran Agree on Roadmap for 'Marathon' Nuclear Deal Talks
You're Invited: Iranian Medical Access Project
You're Invited: DC Happy Hour!
Christian Science Monitor: US Portrayal of Ongoing Nuclear Talks Rankles Iran (+video)
Huffington Post: In Vienna, U.S. and Iran Inch Toward a Better Future
Act For Peace Campaign
Al Jazeera: US-Iran Deal: Compromise is Key
Sanctions Exemptions for Communications Technology Expanded
NIAC Applauds "Give Diplomacy a Chance" Congressional Letter
Former Officials Urge Congress and White House to Work Together for Iran Deal
Huffington Post: The Illusion of AIPAC's Invincibility
Bloomberg: Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei Dismisses Any Compromise With U.S.
NIAC Applauds Sanctions Halt, Time to Focus on Diplomacy
NIAC Presents Bethesda "Before the Revolution" Sceening March 5th
U.S. News: An All-Out Assault on Diplomacy
NIAC Presents New York "Before the Revolution" Sceening March 6th
Call Leader Pelosi to "Give Diplomacy A Chance"
Intelligence Director Warns Against New Iran Sanctions, Supports Diplomacy
NIAC's New York Gala and Fundraiser
Act For Peace!
You're Invited: Chicago Norooz Party
You're Invited: San Francisco Phone Bank to Stop Sanctions!
You're invited: NIAC's Cleveland Meet & Greet Event!
NIAC Welcomes New Media and Communications Staff
Save the Date: NIAC's First Ever California Action Summit is May 4!
RT: No-nuclear-program ultimatum for Iran means no final deal
Huffington Post: Barack Obama 'Should Be Given Credit' For Diplomatic Actions In Iran
RT: Obama's Critics Attack "Iran Diplomacy," Push Military Option
Huffington Post: Obama 'Laid The Groundwork To Talk About More Positive Future With Iran'
Huffington Post: Obama Warns Congress Off Iran Sanctions
You're Invited: DC Phone Bank to Stop Sanctions!
You Are Invited: New York Day of Service
You Are Invited: Atlanta Day of Service
You Are Invited: New Jersey Day of Service
You Are Invited: Orange County Day of Service
You Are Invited: Los Angeles Day of Service
You Are Invited: San Francisco Day of Service
Sanctions Cut Off Online Courses for Iranians
You Are Invited: Minneapolis Day of Service
You Are Invited: Dallas Day of Service
Senator King Open to Iran Sanctions Relief
You Are Invited: Washington DC Day of Service
NIAC Applauds Investigation of Bank Discrimination Against Iranian Students
You Are Invited: Chicago Day of Service
The New York Times: An Iranian American Who Believes in Diplomacy
CANCELED EVENT: Los Angeles & Orange County Demystifying Democracy Workshop
ECFR: Reorienting Iran's Outlook Beyond the Nuclear Deal
Iran Sanctions Threat Ties U.S. Hands
Two Left Feet: Can Washington Dance with Tehran While They're Listening to Different Music?
Foreign Policy: How Iran Played the U.N. -- and Drove the U.S. Nuts
CNN: Can New Iran Sanctions Scuttle Deal?
SUCCESSFUL National Day of Action!
Reuters: Newest Victim of Congressional Wrecking Ball: Iran Policy
Common Dreams: US Public: We Don't Want AIPAC's 'Path to War'
The New York Times: Lobbying Picks Up Over Bill to Toughen Antinuclear Sanctions Against Iran
Al Jazeera: US Concerned About Iran-Russia Oil Deal
72 Organizations Warn Senate Against New Iran Sanctions
DW: US Lawmakers Pose Threat to Iran Deal
Huffington Post Live: Iran Talks: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
Common Dreams: Eyes on Silent Dems as Hawks Push for War with Iran
Al Jazeera America: Could Report of Iran-Russia Oil-For-Goods Swap Impact Iran Nuclear Deal?
Huffington Post Lie: World Brief
Al Jazeera America: How Could an Oil-for-Goods Swap Between Iran and Russia Impact Iran Nuclear Sanction Deal?
NIAC Statement on Implementation of the Joint Plan of Action
Khamenei's Little Helpers in the Senate
The Other Bully from New Jersey
American Journalists on Sanctions Impact Inside Iran
Looking Back at NIAC's Strongest Year Yet
Policy Memo: New Iran Sanctions Bill is a Vote for War Over Diplomacy
Tell Your Senators to STOP New Iran Sanctions Bill!
You're Invited: DC Happy Hour
You're Invited: Bay Area 2014 Grassroots Kickoff Meeting
Community Engagement Award Nominations
The Wrong Path to Peace with Iran
Al Jazeera: Extended interview: Reza Marashi
Huffington Post Live: Which Iran Will We Choose?
You're Invited: Exclusive Book Signing with Reza Zarghamee
Changing the US-Iran Narrative
Mirrored Politics and the Iran Deal
NPR: West Can Use Science To Forge Ties With Iran
New Iran Sanctions Bill is a Vote for War over Diplomacy
NIAC Applauds UNGA Passage of Iran Human Rights Resolution
Making an Impact, One Step at a Time: Conversation with LBCC Trustee Candidate Sunny Zia
Huffington Post: Iran Sanctions Bill From Sens. Bob Menendez And Mark Kirk Could Endanger U.S. Negotiations
To Boost Leverage with Iran, Give Obama a Sanctions Kill Switch
Which Iran Will We Choose?
Foreign Policy: Top Senate Democrats Break with White House and Circulate New Iran Sanctions Bill
Report: How to Secure a Final Nuclear Deal with Iran
NIAC Members Thank Feinstein, Kerry, and Obama for Supporting U.S.-Iran Diplomacy
Lawmakers Speak in Favor of Iran Diplomacy, Oppose Sanctions
The Huffington Post: The Iran Nuclear Deal: A New Beginning for the People of the Middle East
Congress Sees the Light After Busy Week on Iran
The Diamondback: Some Students Fight Possible American Sanctions on Iran
You're Invited!: "Reducing the Nuclear Nightmare" Panel and Book Signing Event
A Year in Review, and Goals for 2014
Policy Memo: New Sanctions Would Kill the Interim Iran Nuclear Deal
Trib Live: McKeesport Area Hosts Student Summit
NIAC Calls for Release of Imprisoned Iranian Bloggers
Conversation with Darius Shahinfar: "Can Iranian Americans Become a Political Force?"
Tell Rep. Hunter to Take Nuclear War on Iran OFF the Table
Al Jazeera America: After Geneva, How Will the US and Iran Reach a Final Deal?
Two Myths that Could Sink the Nuclear Deal with Iran
Going to Tehran; New dynamics both in the Middle East and the US made the Iran nuclear accord possible
An Extra Special Thanksgiving
The Christian Science Monitor: Face Time and Pivoting Presidents Bring US and Iran a Little Closer
Policy Memo: Iran Deal is a Victory for U.S. and Regional Security
Nuclear Deal Offers Iranians Some Relief
Policy Memo: A Good Iran Deal - Spin vs Reality
Washington Post: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani Delivers Optimistic 100-Day Progress Report
CTV: Iran Nuclear Deal
Huffington Post Live: WorldBrief: Iran, Middle East, and the World React.
Democracy Now: Historic Deal Curbs Iran's Nuclear Program While Easing U.S.-Led Devastating Economic Sanctions
Watch Parsi Debate Gingrich, Jones, and May on CNN's Crossfire
BBC: Interview with Reza Marashi
Chicago Tribune: Iranian-Americans Cautiously Cheer News of Nuclear Deal with Tehran
Enrichment Dispute Between Iran And P5+1 Getting Resolved
NIAC Applauds U.S.-Iran Nuclear Agreement
Historic U.S.-Iran Deal Halts the Slide to War
NIAC Accepting Nominations and Applications for Board of Directors
The Guardian: UK Ambassador Urges US Congress Not to Impose New Sanctions on Iran
NIAC Briefs Congress as U.S.-Iran Negotiations Resume
Iran Sanctions Delayed as Key Members of Congress Rally for Diplomacy
Policy Memo: Senator Kirk's Diplomacy-Killing Sanctions Amendment
NIAC Commends UNGA Third Committee for Iran Human Rights Resolution
BBC: Interview with Reza Marashi
Negotiations with Iran Show Promise, But True Test Comes Later
The Diplomat: The Geopolitics of a US-Iran Detente
Le Monde: France's New Neocons
UN to Vote on Iran Human Rights Resolution
29 Organizations Warn Congress Against New Iran Sanctions
Business Day: Pressure Rises for Iran Nuclear Talks to Deliver
Iranian Americans Unite in Opposition to Sanctions
Washington Times: Obama Sees Beirut Terrorist Attack as Common Ground with Iran in Nuclear Talks
Global Post: Putin Calls Rouhani as Powers Gear Up for Iran Talks
NIAC Urges UN to Approve Resolution on Human Rights in Iran
Russia Today: Israeli, Saudi Talk of Military Strike on Iran Doesn't Mean Attack is 'Being Planned'
Tide Turns Towards Diplomacy as Key Senators Oppose New Iran Sanctions
The Diane Rehm Show: The U.S. And Israel Divide Over Containing Iran's Nuclear Program
Congress and White House Clash on Sanctions
NIAC Condemns Senator Kirk's Insulting Comments Against Iranians
Al Jazeera America: After Geneva, Can an Iran Nuclear Deal Be Done?
NDTV: US Ready to Risk Israel, Saudi Arabia Wrath to Seal Iran Deal
DW: US Firms Poised to Seize Opportunities in Iran
Watch NIAC's Trita Parsi on the Colbert Report: Iran Nuke Negotiations
Mondoweiss: 'The goal is to isolate Iran'Jamal Abdi breaks down Israel's opposition to the Geneva talks
In Geneva, U.S. and Iran Near the Finish Line
6 Reasons Iran Deal Was Good for America
The Jerusalem Post: Iran Unlikely to Accept Israel's Demands for Complete Uranium Enrichment Halt
Major Progress in Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran Nuclear Talks Media Advisory: NIAC Experts Available for Analysis
WSJ: Emerging Iran Deal Brings Jitters to Washington
NPR: Iranian American Group: 'Do We Want A Deal Or A War?'
Jacking up Iran Sanctions Would Kill Peace Talks
Iran talks: Do We Want a Deal or a War?
Voice of Russia: Conservative Iranians Protest Rouhani Nuke Detente
No War with Iran: Massachusetts Virtual Town Hall
The choice is clear: do you stand for diplomacy or war?
Ploughshares and Farshad Farahat's Amazing Work for Diplomacy
The EU Parliament Visits Iran -- An Important Step for Diplomacy
You're Cordially Invited: NIAC Group Tour to View the Cyrus Cylinder at Getty Villa
You're Invited: DC Metro Area NIAC Congressional Strategy Session
Open Letter from Trita Parsi to MEP Hannes Swoboda
AFP: Ultimate Goal of Nuclear Talks Is to Leave Iranians Helpless; UN, U.S. Begin Dismantling Syria's Chemical Weapons
You're Cordially Invited: Berkeley Organizing Training Event
Adelson and FDD Want to Nuke Iran, Diplomacy
The Guardian: US lead negotiator calls for delay in new Iran sanctions as nuclear talks continue
Making or Breaking US-Iran Diplomacy
Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran and the Saudi and Israeli Perspective
NIAC Welcomes Report from UN Human Rights Monitor, Calls for Mandate to be Extended
Iranian American Identity and Cyrus the Great: Looking to the Past and Moving into the Future
New Opportunities for Human Rights in Iran
JTA: Is a Common Fear of Iran driving Israel and Saudi Arabia together?
An enriching dialogue with Iran -- with limits
Voice of Russia: Sitting in Front of a Mountain & Starting a Submarine: Iran & the P5+1 Talks
The Washington Post: Despite Reported Progress in Talks with Iran, Skepticism Persists Over Possible Nuclear Deal
Lobe Log: Iran Nuclear Deal May Have its Beginnings in Geneva
Serious Progress and a Familiar Roadmap at Iran Nuclear Talks
Foreign Policy: Rubio Pushes for More Iran Sanctions While U.S. Hails 'Positive' Talks with Tehran
CS Monitor:Claims of Progress as Iran Nuclear Talks Wrap Up
NIAC Applauds US-Iran Diplomatic Progress, Warns Congress Against Sabotaging a Deal
The Slate: The Shutdown Hasn't Been the Worst Thing for Iran Diplomacy
Transcript of Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud's First Address to the Iranian American Community
Los Angeles Times: Iran Nuclear Talks Continue Amid Pressure from Congress
The Jerusalem Post: Deja Vu on Iran?
Foreign Policy: Democrats, AIPAC Jeopardize Iran Talks
National Journal: Nuclear Hardliners Could Derail Push for Iran Deal
Conference Examines Upcoming Iran-P5+1 Nuclear Talks
The National: Ahead of Talks, Iran Says it Won't Ship Enriched Uranium Abroad
TED: Are Israel and Iran Destined to Enmity?
Lobe Log: Iran and US Talk Tough Ahead of Geneva
State Department Advises Senate to Hold Off Iran Sanctions Until After Negotiations
The National: Death of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Officer Shrouded in Mystery
NPR: As Iran Warms Up to the West, Is the West Warming Up to Iran?
Between the Lines: U.S. Responds Positively to Iran's Pursuit of a Diplomatic Breakthrough
Don't Let Netanyahu Block U.S.-Iran Diplomacy
Pushing Peace: How Israel Can Help the United States Strike a Deal With Iran - And Why It Should
A Historic Week for Iran Diplomacy
Asia Pacific Forum: A New Era in US-Iran Relations?
BBC: Interview with Jamal Abdi
NIAC Applauds Historic Phone-Call Between Obama and Rouhani
NPR: Openings for Diplomacy With Iran?
Huffington Post: The Missed U.S., Iran Meeting And What It Means (VIDEO)
You're Invited: Bay Area Iranian-American Students' Community Discussion
You're Invited: DC Community Organizing Training
Congressman Urges Rouhani to Free Imprisoned Iranian American
Asharq Al-Awsat: In Conversation with NIAC head Trita Parsi
NPR: What To Expect From Iran At U.N. General Assembly
Al Jazeera: Interview with Reza Marashi
For U.S.-Iran, It's All in the Timing
Rouhani's Electoral Honeymoon Won't Last Long
NPR: Obama: U.S. to pursue face-to-face negotiations with Iran on nuclear program
Join Maz Jobrani and Elon Gold to Give Peace a Dance
The Dish: If There Is No Deal With Iran ...
The Dish: AIPAC Readies To Kill Outreach To Iran
The Dish: Rouhani's Make-Or-Break Moment
Human Rights in Post-Election Iran - A Segment of the West Hollywood Human Rights Speaker Series
The National Journal: Obama to Focus on Iran and Syria in U.N. Address
Bloomberg: Rohani Takes Charm Offensive to UN Used to Iranian Hectoring (2)
The Associated Press: For Obama, diplomatic openings on 3 fronts
NPR: Historic Thaw Possible In U.S., Iran Relations
Stop Congress from Considering Iran War Bill
NIAC Policy Memo: Positive Steps By Iran and the U.S.
ABC Radio: Rouhani promises Iran will never develop nuclear weapons
NIAC Welcomes Release of 11 Iranian Prisoners of Conscience
Al Jazeera America: Will Syria Deal Spur US-Iran Diplomacy? Conversation w/ Great Minds - Dr. Trita Parsi - U.S. negotiations w/ Iran
The Washington Post: Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Endorses Diplomacy Over Militarism
The National: US and Iran Could Become Unlikely Allies in Resolving Syrian Conflict
CNN: How Will the Relationship Between Iran & the U.S. Evolve Over the Next Ten Years?
AFP: Iran Boosted By US Holding Off on Syria Strike: Experts
The New York Times: The Missing Partner
The Guardian: Iran's Rouhani May Meet Obama at UN After American President Reaches Out
You're Invited: DC Social Event
We, the Simorgh
Reuters: U.S. Loosens Sanctions on Iran for Disaster Relief, Sports
Don't Let Syria Distract from Iran Opening
NIAC Applauds Easing of Humanitarian Sanctions on Iranians
The New York Times: U.S. Eases Sanctions to Allow Good-Will Exchanges With Iran
Euronews: Iran Backs Plan to Put Syria's Chemical Weapons Under International Control
You're Invited: Southern California Gala Dinner & Fundraiser
WBEZ's Worldview: Understanding Iran's role in the Syrian conflict
Iranwire: Syria Strike's First Target Could Be Diplomacy With Iran
The Washington Times: Iran's fury: Ready to Unleash Hezbollah, Kidnap Americans if U.S. Strikes Syria
The National: No Threat of Retaliation from Iran, Despite Bluster on Syria
Global Post: Q & A: American Inconsistency on Chemical Weapons, from Saddam to Assad
The Most Disingenuous Argument for Sanctions Yet
Al Jazeera America: CIA Admits Role in 1953 Iran Coup
BBC: Hassan Rouhani and Iran's nuclear opportunity
You're Invited: DC Social Event
Why Iranian Leader Hassan Rowhani May Not Be Ahmadinejad II
Will the U.S.-Iran Cyber Conflict Escalate?
CNN: Iran's new president: We're open to nuclear talks, but don't make threats
CNN: Trita Parsi with Hala Gorani on Prospects for Nuclear Resolution with New President Rouhani
RT: Sanctioned to Serve
Time: Can Iran's New U.S.-Educated Foreign Minister Mend Ties With Washington?
Democracy Now: New Iranian President Calls for West to End Sanctions, Reduce "Antagonism and Aggression"
Washington Post: Iran's Supreme Leader Formally Endorses Hassan Rouhani as President
Online Travel Sites Block Flights to Iran as Sanctions Increase
Thank the Lawmakers Who Stood Up Against Iran Sanctions Vote
You're Invited: "The Cyrus Cylinder: Uses, Misuses, and Contemporary Iran"
Meet the 20 Lawmakers Who Stood Up to the War Lobby
NIAC Deplores House Vote on Iran Sanctions
The New York Times: House Weighs Iran Measure Amid Doubts on Timing
URGENT: Don't Let Hawks in Congress Sabotage Diplomacy This Week
What Iranians in Iran Are Saying About Their Elections
The Guardian: Small signs of change in Iran as Hassan Rouhani's inauguration approaches
Huffington Post: NIAC: President Obama, It's Time to Seize the Moment!
Al Monitor: US Treasury Tries to Boost Medical Sales to Iran
U.S. Authorizes More Medical Exports to Iran; Financial Sanctions Remain Obstacle
Hill Briefing: Rouhani Election Presents West With Golden Opportunity
Don't force an irresponsible vote on Iran sanctions
Will the House Lead a Preemptive Strike to Kill New Iran Talks?
NIAC DC Community Organizing Training 7/31
NIAC Condemns Sen. Graham's Call for War Authorization
Legislative Update, July 24, 2013: Concerning Legislation Underway in Congress
A New Era of Iranian Pragmatism?
Unprecedented: 131 in Congress Call for New Iran Diplomacy
NIAC Policy Memo: The Iran Export Embargo Act (S. 1001)
You're Cordially Invited: New York Social Event
BBC Persian: 131 Representatives Send Pro-Diplomacy Letter to Obama
ABC Australia: Why do people leave Iran?
U.S. News & World Report: 'Unprecedented' 131 Congressmen Say Obama Should Give Iran's New President a Chance
Congress, Former Policymakers Urge Obama to Revitalize Diplomacy with Iran
Make Sure Your Representative Supports Renewed Diplomacy
Former Officials Call on Obama to Reinvigorate Iran Diplomacy
NIAC Policy Memo: Why are U.S. sanctions blocking medicine for Iranians and how can we fix this?
Register Now for NIAC's 3rd Annual Leadership Conference!
NIAC Policy Memo: Concerning Sanctions Bill Under Consideration in House
NIAC Policy Memo: How Congress Can Start the Iran War through Sanctions
Obama Administration Looks to Address Humanitarian Impact of Sanctions
You are Cordially Invited: NIAC's Bay Area Summer Fundraiser
Escalating Iran Sanctions Could Damage Hopes for New Beginning
You're Invited: Atlanta Social Event
Urge Congress to Seize the Moment
You're Invited: DC Social Event
NGOs Call on Congress to Halt Further Iran Sanctions Legislation
You're Invited: Los Angeles Social Event
Why does Washington always get Iran wrong?
Parsing Rouhani's Victory
Why D.C. Is Wrong to Discredit Iran's New President
Seize the Moment for Peace and Human Rights
NIAC Hosts Congressional Briefing on Iranian Election Results
Obama and Iran's Rouhani Must Seize the Moment In Spite of Hardliners
Miami Herald: Iran's President-Elect May Shift Country's Policies Toward Persian Gulf, Israel
Congressional Hawks Caught Off Guard by Iran Election Results, but Call for Staying the Course on Sanctions
Factsheet: Who is Iran's Next President Hassan Rouhani?
Al Jazeera: Iran: A victory of moderation?
Democracy Now: Iran Elects Moderate President Hassan Rouhani -- Will U.S. Respond by Easing Crippling Sanctions?
The Takeaway: Election Results Hint at New World For Iran
The Diane Rehm Show: New Developments In The Middle East
The Washington Post: Iran's new president more cautious than reformist
House Passes Annual Defense Bill, Rattles Sabers at Iran
NIAC's Statement on Iran's Election of Hassan Rouhani
Washington Post: Iran's Next President, Hassan Rouhani, Seen as Best Hope for Ending Nuclear Standoff with West
Al Jazeera: Iran elections - Hassan Rouhani Wins
AFP: Social media abuzz as Iran heads to poll
The Huffington Post: Is This Iran's Moment?
Euronews: Iranians in US Lament Lack of Liberty in Iran
The Atlantic: After Torture and Persecution, Iranian Activists Work From Inside the U.S.
Iran's Election is Neither Free Nor Fair But its Outcome Matters
AFP: Iran Presidential Hopefuls Woo 'Undecided' Voters
Can the Iranian Regime Survive Yet More Political Cannibalism?
President Obama Can Still Channel Kennedy on Iran
Congress Considers Iran Policy Amid Latest Wave of Executive Sanctions
Al Jazeera: The Brothers Larijani: A Sphere of Power
Iran Elections Media Advisory: NIAC Experts Available for Analysis
After Iran Tech Sanctions Fix, are Medicine Shortages Next?
Obama Administration Doubles Down on Counterproductive Iran Sanctions
NY Times: U.S. Adds to Its List of Sanctions Against Iran
Reuters: U.S. to Loosen Sanctions on Iran for Mobile Phones, Gadgets
Obama Lifts Sanctions, Iranians Win, Regime Loses
BBC: US Lifts Ban on Mobile Phones and Software for Iran
Bloomberg: U.S. to Ease Iran Sanctions on Laptops, Mobile Phones
NIAC Applauds Lifting of Communications Sanctions for Iranians
Making Lemonade Out of Lemons in Tehran?
The Times of Israel: Senate Backs Israel in event of Strike on Iran Nuclear Weapon Program
State Department Criticizes Iran on Lack of Religious Freedom
Bloomberg: Iran Bars Rafsanjani From Presidential Field of Eight
Tell Obama to Lift Sanctions on Communications Tools
AFP: US House Panel Backs Stiff New Iran Sanctions
Inter Press Service: U.S. Congress Moves Toward Full Trade Embargo on Iran
Tell Obama to Lift Sanctions on Communications Tools
Los Angeles Times: Iran presidential vote: Who's in? Who's out? Who cares?
Iran's March to Naked Dictatorship?
You're Invited: Davis A panel discussion in review of impacts of sanctions on Iranian Health & Education
From Skepticism to Engagement: Reflections on My First NIAC Volunteer Experience
Congress Escalates Iran Standoff with Support for Israeli Strikes, Sanctions
Congress Debates War, Sanctions, Diplomacy and MEK with Top Obama Officials
Back to the Future in Iran's Election
Why Now Is the Time For Syria Diplomacy
Why Sanctions on Iran are not Working
Financial Times: Global Insight: Iran Elections Raise Problems for Regime
Three Paths toward a Nuclear Deal with Iran
Washington Post: Last-Minute Entries Reshape Iran's Presidential Field
Washington Post: Former Iranian President Rafsanjani Ponders Run in Upcoming Election
New Congressional Sanctions Push Aimed at Killing Iran Diplomacy
Iran Sanctions Stifling Iran's Freedom Movement
Iranian-American Brothers Lead Charge To Reform US Educational System
Meet the Presidential Contenders in Iran's Upcoming Election
New York Times: Senate Bill Would Halt Iran's Access to an Estimated $100 Billion in Cash
Washington Spectator: The Failed Neocon Attempt to Destroy an American Anti-war Organization
Newly Appointed Iranian-American Judge Makes History
NIAC Ambassador Update: March & April 2013
You're Invited: DC Happy Hour & Community Organizing Training
Wilson Center: The Media & Iran's Nuclear Program: An analysis of U.S. and U.K. coverage, 2009-2012
You're Invited: Dallas Women for World Peace Panel & Iranian-Israeli Peace Dialogue
State Department Report Condemns Iran's Human Rights Violations
Congressman Urges U.S. to Foment Ethnic Tension in Iran
You're Invited: Bay Area Legislative Training with NIAC Policy Director, Jamal Abdi
The Guardian: Ahmadinejad's Ally Could Pose New Challenge to Iran's Ruling Clergy
US Raises the Stakes in Military Game of Chicken with Iran
Washington Post: Ahmadinejad's Top Aide Ponders Run
Time for Humanitarian Fix to Iran Sanctions
You're Invited: UCLA Iran Panel & NIAC Chai Social
Iranian-American Coalition Reiterates Call for Obama to Allow Earthquake Relief
Don't Let Sanctions Block Relief for Iran's Earthquake Victims
Senate Resolution Brings U.S. Closer to War Against Iran
Senate Considers Iraq-Style Regime Change Policy for Iran
Coalition to Obama: Ensure Sanctions Don't Block Iran Earthquake Relief
NIAC to Appeal Cost Sharing Decision in Lawsuit Against Daieoleslam
Bridging Divides with the Iranian People
The Washington Post: Diplomats See 'Wide Gulf' as Iran Talks End in a Muddle
New York Times: North Korea Events Complicate Nuclear Talks With Iran
HuffingtonPost Live: Why Sanctions?
Watch: Iranian-Jewish Dialogue on the Cyrus Cylinder
Why the Iran Sanctions Don't Work
NIAC's DC Spring Fundraiser Reception & Dinner
NIAC Presents Iran Sanctions Report on Capitol Hill
Lobe Log Foreign Policy: NIAC Report Reveals Disconnect Between Iran Sanctions' Goals and Results
Foreign Policy: Our Myopic Approach to Iran
Lobe Log Foreign Policy: Iran's Nuclear Activities Go On Despite Sanctions
Report: Why Sanctions On Iran Aren't Working
The Christian Science Monitor: Report: Sanctions may be speeding Iran's nuclear advancement
NIAC Applauds Extension of Mandate for UN Iran Humans Rights Monitor
10 Years After Iraq, Stop War with Iran
Noroozetan Pirooz!
12 Iranians. 12 Opinions. 1 Stance.
CNN: Iran-Pakistan Pipe May 'Bust' U.S. Sanctions
The Senate's 10-Year Iraq War Anniversary Gift: War With Iran
NIAC Calls on UN to Extend Human Rights Monitor Mandate, Condemns Iranian Government Abuses
AlJazeera: What are the Major Threats Facing the US?
Iranian-Jewish Dialogue on the Cyrus Cylinder
S.RES.65: The Backdoor to War with Iran
3 Facts to Note in 2013 Worldwide Threat Assessment Report
Russia Today: US Threatens Pakistan with Sanctions Over Iran Gas Pipeline
The Examiner: The Plot to Take Three Qantas Jumbos to Iran
Red Line: Iran, Israel, and the Bomb
Innocent Iranians Off the Agenda in Almaty
Senators Push Promise to Support Israeli Strikes on Iran
Stop Senate's Backdoor to War with Iran
Experts Offer Follow-Up Analysis of Almaty Talks on Capitol Hill
A New Paradigm for Iranian Nuclear Talks?
Khaleej Times: Rare Optimism in Iran Nuclear Dispute
Bloomberg: Iran Nuclear Talks Bring Signs of Potential Progress
Washington Post: Iran Nuclear Talks End on Upbeat Note
New York Times: Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Measure to Toughen Iranian Sanctions
On Heels of Argo Oscar, Former Hostages Say U.S. and Iran Must Break "Wall of Mistrust"
Minnesota Daily: University professors Close TCF Bank Accounts
Foreign Policy: Former Hostages Seize "Argo" Publicity, Call for Diplomacy with Iran
Gulf Times: Iran Unrelenting Ahead of Almaty Talks
New Congressional Push to Prevent War, Establish Diplomatic Envoy to Iran
Low Expectations for Quick Progress on Iranian Nuclear Issue Ahead of Negotiations
Bloomberg: Risk of Military Strike Wanes as Iran Talks Resume
NIAC Annual National Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Hagel Nomination Faces Further Delay
The Guardian: Some Iranian Students Complain of Discrimination Overseas
As NASA's Ferdowsi Inspires, Iranian Visa Obstacles Should Be Cleared
Blouin News Analysis: Iran's Nuclear Program
Report: Sanctions Are Primary Cause of Iranian Medicine Shortage
Diplomats: "Suspension or Ending of Sanctions" Necessary for Successful Iran Talks
Organizations Call for Obama to Allow Medicine and Humanitarian Trade with Iran
Washington And Tehran's Perpetual Search For The Upper Hand
Top Former General Warns Against Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Iran War
Introducing NIAC's 2013 Ambassadors
NIAC President Testifies before British Parliament
Washington Post: Ahmadinejad Makes First Cairo Visit
Huffington Post: Tightening The Noose
BBC Newshour: Should the U.S. Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capacity?
Huffington Post: VP Meets Syria Leaders
Al Jazeera: Iran's Media - The New Red Lines
NIAC Calls for Release of Iranian Journalists
Video: What If We're Wrong about Sanctions
Experts Discuss Delays and Future Negotiations on Iran Nuclear Issue
Iranian Students Hit by Sanctions on Schools, Banks
Washington Post: Iranian Ministry Says Detained Journalists Worked Illegally with Foreign News Media
Confirmed to Head State Department, Kerry May Return to Iran Policy Spotlight
Pacifia Radio: Sanctions Spark Health Crisis in Iran
Washington Post: Sanctions Squeeze Iranian Students Abroad
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New Sanctions Are Incremental Step to Iran War, Include No Medicine Fix
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Key Question for the Next US President
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MEK Delisting is a Gift to the Regime, a Disaster for the Iranian People and the U.S.
Stop Last Minute Senate Vote to Adopt Netanyahu's War Red Line
The Truth. The Whole Truth. And, Nothing but the Truth.
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New Burdens for Iranian Students Seeking to Study in U.S.
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At the NAM Summit in Tehran, 'It's the Economy, Stupid!'
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New York Times: United States Grants Broad Sanctions Exemption for Iran Quake Aid
Radio Free Europe: U.S. Issues Blanket License To Aid Iranian Earthquake Victims
BBC Persian: US Government Allows Cash Transfers to Iran for Earthquake Victims
BBC Persian: US Issues Temporary Permit to Send Money to Iran for Earthquake-Stricken Areas
NIAC Applauds General License for Earthquake Assistance
McClatchy: After Slow Start, U.S. Allows Donations to Iran's Quake Victims
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Humanitarian Relief Requires Sanctions Waiver Following Earthquakes in Iran
Don't Let Sanctions Block Relief for Iran's Earthquake Victims
Israel's Diplomatic Scare Game
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Cyrus Habib Wins Primary, Would be First Iranian American Elected to State Legislature
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MEK Working Through Senate to Sabotage Iran Diplomacy
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How Iran Can Help Diplomacy Succeed
Hawks Attack Iran Diplomacy, Call for Delisting Mujahedeen and War
No Hope for Moscow Talks Without Reciprocity
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IAAB Announces Summer Leadership Institute
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Macleans: 'Shahs of Sunset' Shows a Distorted View from Tehrangeles
California Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Iranian Americans, Supporting Human Rights in Iran
Representatives Demand Study on Consequences of War with Iran
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NIAC Calls on Google to Reinstate Accurate Title for Persian Gulf
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A Neocon Upstart Attacks Academic Freedom and Iranian American Views
Tavalod, Tavalod, Tavalodet Mobarak NIAC!
Bibi, Let Go
Dysfunctional Congress Threatens Iran Talks
The Iranians Count Census Coalition Releases the Special Tabulation Results from the 2010 U.S. Census
KLAS-TV: Training Terrorists at the Former Nevada Test Site
Democracy and Human Rights Conference Honors Siamak Pourzand
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Obama Implements New Sanctions Targeting Internet Repression in Iran and Syria
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Washington and Tehran's Vicious Spin Cycle
Why Netanyahu's Afraid of Diplomacy
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For Peace, Both Obama and Khamenei Must Compromise
Businessweek: Iran Agrees to Restart Nuclear Talks With US, Allies
Broad Coalition Calls for Congress to Support Diplomacy, Oppose War of Choice
Congressional "Happy Birthday Israel" Resolution Endorses Strikes on Iran
Say No To War and Lift the "No Contact" Policy with Iran!
Ambassador Cautions Senate against Lowering Threshold for War with Iran
Milad Pooran - Democratic Candidate, 6th Congressional District of Maryland
RT: Blind Sanctions Backfire on the West
Iranian Americans Report Being Targeted by FBI for Iran Information
Iranian Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Military Strikes
BBC: WikiLeaks - The Secret Life of a Superpower
Huffington Post: Applying the Lessons of South Africa Sanctions to Iran
Barbara Lee Pushes to End U.S.-Iran Silent Treatment
Take Action: Lift the "No Contact" Policy with Iran!
Background: The Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons and Stop War through Diplomacy Act (H.R.4173)
NIAC Applauds Efforts to Address Growing "Electronic Curtain" Over Iran
Radio Free Europe: U.S. Announces Measures To Fight Tehran's "Electronic Curtain"
RT: War Games - Israeli Strike on Iran
Al Jazeera: "Paid" to Support Iranian Terrorists
Time: Five Tips for President Obama on Nuclear Negotiations with Iran
Iranian Americans Gather to Give Back This Norooz
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Money vs. Facts - The Mujahedin-e Khalq Is a Terrorist Organization
Momentum Shifts Against Iran War
U.N. Human Rights Monitor Delivers First Report on Iran
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New Bill Supports Direct Talks to Prevent U.S.-Iran War, Scraps "No Contact Policy"
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KCRW's To The Point: Obama, Netanyahu and the Threat of a Nuclear Iran
New York Times: Iranian Court Orders Retrial for American in Spy Case
Top Military, Intelligence Officials Join NIAC in Warning Against Iran War in Full-Page Washington Post Ad Retired Gens to Obama: No War of Choice With Iran
The Guardian: Israel and Iran, Straining at the Leash
The Real News: Occupy AIPAC Opposes War and Sanctions Against Iran
Huffington Post: Obama Draws Red Lines and Distinctions on Iran in AIPAC Speech
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Thirty-Seven Members of Congress Urge Obama to Redouble Iran Diplomacy, Warn Against War
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The Politics of Iran's Parliamentary Elections
The Impact of Sanctions on Iranian Americans: Submit Your Stories
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Former Military Leaders Call for Diplomatic Options, Warn Against War with Iran
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California Democratic Party Votes to Oppose War against Iran
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Canada-based Programmer Malekpour Faces Execution as First IRGC Cyber Target
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Wall Street Journal: Hans Blix Calls for Diplomatic Solution to Iran
Former Pentagon, IAEA Officials Say Diplomacy is Key to Resolving Iranian Nuclear Dilemma
Bloomberg: Iran Snub to UN Officials Shows Stance Unchanged, U.S. Says
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Reuters: 3-Banking's SWIFT Says Ready to Block Iran Transactions
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Statement: Senate Iran Resolution a Blank Check for War
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Introducing our 2012 Ambassadors
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Assassination to Scuttle Talks
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CNN: Who's killing Iranian nuclear scientists?
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ABC News Radio: Washington Demands Iran Release Accused Spy
NIAC Urges Iran to Reverse Iranian American's Death Sentence
The Political Psychology of Obama's Iran Policy
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Reuters: U.S. Hopes New Iran Sanctions More Scalpel Than Axe
Without Renewed Diplomacy, War with Iran Lies around the Corner
Shifting dynamics between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran
UN Approves Iran Human Rights Resolution
Former Officials Call for President Obama to Reinvigorate Iran Diplomacy
Accusing Iran of 9/11 echoes Iraq scenario
Domestic politics drives US sanctions on Iran
What Happened to Obama's Nuclear Option?
House passes new Iran sanctions bills
Congress' Extreme Iran Sanctions
Outlawing diplomacy with Iran comes with dangerous repercussions
U.S. Officials Warn that MEK is Obstructing Humanitarian Solution in Ashraf
Joint Letter Calls for Congress to Oppose Legal Restrictions on Iran Diplomacy
U.S. Launches "Virtual" Iran Embassy
New Concerns About U.S.- Iranian Relations
U.S. already in covert war with Iran?
Why the UK Embassy in Iran Was Attacked: The Domestic Angle
Senate Passes Sanctions Despite White House Objections
White House and Congress Clash on Iranian Central Bank Sanctions
NIAC Statement on Iran Sanctions Vote in Senate
Experts Cast Doubt on Iran Sanctions Strategy
NIAC Welcomes U.N. Resolution on Iran's Human Rights Violations
Watch: Author Stephen Kinzer Addresses NIAC Members
NIAC Launches Sanctions Campaign Page
Assessing Upcoming Iranian Parliamentary Elections
US invokes new sanctions against Iran, Syria next?
Iran says new sanctions from West "in vain"
NPR: Can Sanctions End Iran's Nuclear Ambitions?
New Indiscriminate Iran Sanctions Will Punish Ordinary People
NPR: In Iran, Secret Plans To Abolish The Presidency?
USA Today: Iran nuclear sanctions hurt the middle class, not Guards
Sanctions Strategy Scrutinized at Atlantic Council Event
Speculation About Israeli Role As Iran Buries IRGC Commander Killed In Blast
U.S. Officials Warn that New Sanctions Could be a "Boon" to Iran
The Iranian-American Game of Chicken
Khamenei's Power Consolidation Gambit
Marginalized Diplomacy Will End in Conflict
NIAC Condemns Endorsement of Military Action on Iran at CBS GOP Debate
Al Jazeera English Interviews Trita Parsi and Reza Marashi
Efforts Continue to Stop Hate Speech in TX
UN's Nuclear Detectives Key to Diplomatic Solution on Iran
NIAC Summer 2012 Fellowship Application Now Open
NIAC Calls For Texas Restaurant to Take Down Anti-Iranian Hate Poster
CNN: Is Netanyahu bluffing once again?
Congress pushes Obama towards war with Iran
Take Action: Tell Congress and President Obama - No More Indiscriminate Sanctions!
House Committee Adopts Indiscriminate Sanctions, Anti-Diplomacy Bill
NIAC Summer Senior Fellow: My Washington, DC Experience
On Iran, Obama Faces Wrath of Congress and the Pro-War Lobby
Video: Don't Punish the Iranian People, Say No to Broad Sanctions
Clinton announces U.S. "virtual embassy" for Iran
Court Overturns Sanctions Charges against Iranian American
Congress Hears Recommendations for Escalating Covert and Military Action on Iran
Iranian American Candidate Running for San Francisco District Attorney
Reuters: Is Ahmadinejad Iran's last president?
UN Human Rights Report on Iran Spotlights "Increasing Trend" of Violations
NIAC Summer Senior Fellow: My Time On Capitol Hill
Does Obama Understand What's Been Unleashed?
Worldview Radio Interview: Iran accused of plot to kill Saudi ambassador to the U.S.
The Conservative Rise and the Potential Fall of the Presidency
CS Monitor: Iran's Khamenei sets stage for a less democratic future
Video: State Department Persian-Language Spokesman Addresses Iranian-American Community
The New Republic: Why Is There Such Widespread Support in DC for a Former Terrorist Group?
Video: Analysts Say New Sanctions Bill Would Increase Gas Prices, Unlikely to Change Iran's Behavior
The Iranian American Experience: Overcoming Obstacles and Celebrating Success
Experts Discuss U.S. Iran relations at NIAC Leadership Conference
The "Come to Jesus" Moment in US-Iran Relations
NIAC Statement on Alleged Terror Plot
U.S. Drawn Into Long-Running Iran-Saudi Feud
Iranian Americans: Critical Link Between Washington and Tehran
Analysts Say New Sanctions Bill Would Increase Gas Prices; Unlikely to Change Iran's Behavior
Iran's growing bluster spells danger
On Iran, Turn Rhetoric Into Results
NIAC Calls for Release of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani
Military and arms control experts call for dialogue with Iran
House Panel Examines U.S. Human Rights Approaches to Iran and Syria
NIAC Congratulates Freed Americans; Urges Release of Political Prisoners in Iran
Judge: Harvard Can Keep Persian Artifacts
Diplomats -- Not Just Journalists -- Should Raise Human Rights With Ahmadinejad - Huffington Post
The coming Republican push on Iran -
Court Ruling Protects Persian Artifacts in Massachusetts
NIAC on CNN: Don't be fooled: MEK is a terrorist group
WikiLeaks Releases involving MEK
Delisting MEK would be a disaster for U.S. national security and the Iranian pro-democracy movement
CNN: Supporters of Iranian resistance group rally at State Department
The Iran Sanctions Fallacy
Iranian-American Director Reza Badiyi Passes Away
Mujahedin Supporters Envision "Tit for Tat" Campaign Against Iran
"Iran: A Forgotten Glory" - A Young Artist's Legacy Lives On
Mujahedin Machine vs. The Iranian-American Community
Joint Expert Statement on Mujahedin-e Khalq
Iran Exile Group Should Stay on Terror List, Say Experts
Huffington Post: Former U.S. Officials Make Millions Advocating For Terrorist Organization
CS Monitor: Iranian group's big-money push to get off US terrorist list
Experts Warn Delisting Iranian Terror Group Would Carry Damaging Repercussions
Wall Street Journal Quotes NIAC President
Al Jazeera Interviews Reza Marashi on Alleged Nuclear Scientist Killing
Why Delisting the MEK Threatens Iran's Democracy Movement
Despite Iran's Rejection, Human Rights Pressure Continues
Education through Art
Truthout: War With Iran? US Neocons Aim to Repeat Chalabi-Style Swindle
Congressional Leaders Voice Support for MEK Violence
Tell the U.S. Government to Say NO to Mujahedin
New Sanctions Do Not Prohibit Iranian Americans from Flying Iran Air
Washington's Favorite Terrorists
Iranian Students in U.S. Organize to Turn Visa Nightmare into Dream Come True
Iran: The Next Generation
Ambassador Profile: Shawn Amoei - An Activist in the Making
Former Ambassador to Iran Briefs Hill on Engagement and Democracy Opportunities
NIAC Hosts Iran Sanctions Information Session w/ Erich Ferrari
NIAC Deeply Concerned by Civilian Airline Sanctions
Bolton Receives Warm Reception as He Tells Congress to Bomb Iran, Support MEK
Parisa Hafezi Receives Prestigious Award for Journalism
The Turkey-Brazil-Iran Deal, One Year Later
U.S. Treasury Clarifies Sanctions Laws Regarding Food and Medicine to Iran
NIAC Welcomes Appointment of Human Rights Monitor, Calls for Iran to Cooperate
Podcast: Interview with Sarah Shourd
Bush White House Implicated in Smear Campaign Against NIAC Advisory Board Member
Watch: Maziar Bahari Discusses Imprisonment, How Iranian Americans Can Support Human Rights
The New International Focus on Human Rights in Iran
Experts Warn Against "the Military Option"
As Sanctions Ratchet Up, Iranian Americans Bear Increasing Burdens
NIAC Commends Targeted Human Rights Measures Against IRGC, Basij
Release Josh and Shane -- and All Prisoners of Conscience in the Islamic Republic
Why sanctions against Iran won't work
Israeli Prime Minister's Washington Visit Reignites Threats of War and New Sanctions
Joint Letter to Congress on New Iran Sanctions Bills
NIAC Condemns the Killing of Haleh Sahabi
NIAC Organizing Visa Policy Q&A with State Dept.
Building on the Student Visa Victory: the Work and Opportunities Ahead
NPR: Political Problems Mounting For Iran's Ahmadinejad
NIAC Ambassador: A Leader within the Iranian-American Community
Obama Fixes Visa Policy for Iranian Students
House Unveils Bill to Expand Sanctions, Impose Oil Embargo on Iran
NIAC Welcomes New Additions to the Board of Directors
The Geopolitical Battle for the Arab Street
Reuters: Iranians surf shark-infested, state-controlled web
Administration Officials Emphasize Multilateral Successes on Iran as Congress Considers New Unilateral Sanctions
Urge Obama to Fix the Single-Entry Visa Policy for Iranian Students Once and For All
PARSA CF Awards Major Grants to Civic Engagement Organizations
Analysis: Human Rights Component of New Iran Sanctions Effort is Far Too Limited
California Democrats Endorse Iranian Student Visa Fix, Human Rights
Azadeh Shahshahani - Defending Our Civil Rights
The Islamic Republic's Emerging Cyber War
Iranian Nuclear Issue Predicted to Reemerge as U.S. Presidential Campaign Begins
Controversial NSEERS Program Terminated
NIAC Hosts Shirin Ebadi for Discussion on Human Rights, Engagement, and War
NIAC Ambassador - Defending the Iranian American's Voice
NIAC Hosts Shirin Ebadi for In-Depth Conversation on Iran Policy & Human Rights
New Legislation Targets Iranian Civilian Flights
Stop Congress from Targeting Iranian Passenger Planes
NIAC Ambassador Strives to Connect the Younger Generations
Senator Kyl Calls for Harsher Sanctions to "Assist" Iranians
Heritage Foundation Calls for Harsher Sanctions, Regime Change
NIAC Launches Student Initiative: NIACampus
Iranian-American Reflections from the Campaign Trail
Senator Graham Calls for Military Strikes on Iran if Sanctions Fail
Inspections-Based Solution to Nuclear Issue Assessed at NIAC Capitol Hill Briefing
Former Italian Ambassador to Iran Discusses Opportunities for Pro-Democracy Movement
Panel Debates Opportunities for Iran Engagement
How Obama Can Reach the Iranian People: Start With Visas
Reform in the Iranian Electoral System
US Court Overturns Ruling on Persian Artifacts
Court Decision a Reprieve for Persian Artifacts
Subsidy Reform & Regime Resilience in Iran
Experts: Nonviolence, Human Rights Focus are Best Options for Iran's Democracy Movement
Yahoo News: U.N. rights body votes to appoint Iran human rights monitor
U.S. Engagement Delivers Concrete Action to Support the Iranian People
NIAC Applauds Today's Establishment of Human Rights Monitor on Iran
Proposal at U.N. Body Puts Focus on Iran's Human Rights Record
The Atlantic: A New Opportunity for the U.S. to Promote Human Rights in Iran
US and Swedish Officials Outline Human Rights Initiative at NIAC Conference
Holding Iran Accountable for its Human Rights Record
NIAC Commends UN Human Rights Council Efforts on Iran
Congress Clashes over U.S. Participation at the Human Rights Council
NIAC Conference: Answering the Iranian People's Call for Human Rights
Outstanding Iranian-American Students Selected as Summer Fellows
Answers to Common Questions Surrounding Inheritances in Iran
Clinton Testifies on Iran Sanctions, Nuclear Enrichment, and the MEK
Arrest of Iranian Opposition Leaders Further Demonstrates Need for International Efforts
The Role of Brazil and Turkey in Nuclear Negotiations with Iran
Experts Discuss Impact of Iran Sanctions
NIAC Commends Targeted Human Rights Measures
Iran Raises The Stakes: The Istanbul Talks & Iran's Political Psychology
NIAC Expands Ambassador Program
Give Back this Norooz
Sen. Lieberman Presents Plan for Confronting Iran in Speech to AIPAC
US Officials Offer Little Clarity On Unintended Consequences of Iran Sanctions
CBC Video: Iran Uprising
NIAC Applauds Senate Call for Human Rights Monitor
CNN Video: Could Iran be the next Egypt?
Take Action to Help Stop Human Rights Abuses in Iran
Neoconservative Film Makes Case for Crippling Sanctions, Military Action against Iran
Experts Debate Iran Options, Reject Military Confrontation
Independent UN Experts Call for Moratorium on Death Penalty in Iran
NIAC Joins IABA, Coalition in Amicus Brief for Iranian American
Iranian Americans Laying the Groundwork for Community's Future
Experts Debate Iran Options, Reject Military Confrontation
Expert Panel Contends Diplomacy, Verification Solution Can Resolve Iranian Nuclear Issue
Leading Diplomats, Experts and Organizations Call on Obama to Reinvigorate Diplomacy with Iran
The Heavy Costs of War with Iran
Stanford Distances Itself From Professor's Discriminatory Remarks
How U.S. Laws Can Affect Your Personal Affairs in Iran
NIAC Welcomes New Program Associate
Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions Demonstrate Need for Serious International Efforts
NIAC Calls for Stanford to Address Professor's Discriminatory Anti-Iranian Remarks
Our 2011 New Year's Resolutions
RFERL: Salehi Stands In As Iran's New Foreign Minister -- But For How Long?
Congressional Gridlock Blocks Progress on Iranian Single-Entry Student Visas
NIAC Commends Serious Proposal to Help Prevent War in Defense Authorization
Reuters: Iran looks to Turkey for support in nuclear dispute
Iran's Human Rights Situation Receives Much Concern, Little Action at UN Human Rights Council
Pro-Iran War Resolution Fizzles but Further Push for Military Options May Be on Horizon
NYT: Iranian Leader Suddenly Fires Top Diplomat
Scholar Discusses Tension Between Ahmadinejad and the Majlis
Mom's Against Poverty Granted US Approval for Humanitarian Work in Iran
The US Navy's Dangerous Name Game in the Persian Gulf
A Message from the President
New Sanctions, Delisting MEK from Terror List, and War Options Top House Committee's Iran Agenda
NPR: Leaks Cast Doubt Over U.S. Intent On Iran Diplomacy
Major New Grant Awards Will Help Build the Capacity of Iranian-Americans
WikiLeaks: US-Iran Relations "Now What" Moment?
Video: NIAC President and Board Member Discuss Wikileaks and War with Iran on MSNBC
Iran's Nuclear Slowdown Discussed by Experts
NIAC President on NPR to Discuss Consequences of Wikileaks for US Iran Policy
NIAC Seeking Program Assistant
Iraq War Architect Rejects Iran Engagement, Advocates for US-led "Regime Change"
Iranian-American Organizations Host Leadership Summit
MEK Supporters in Congress Turn up Pressure on Administration to Take Group off Terrorist List
Experts Urge US to Recalibrate Iran Engagement Efforts
NIAC Renews Call for UN Human Rights Monitor on Iran
Conference Focuses on "Regime Change" in Iran through U.S., Western Intervention
Lieberman to Push for Iran War Resolution?
NIAC Members Vote Overwhelmingly to Oppose War, Support Human Rights
Questions Linger About Nokia Siemens Involvement in Iran
NIAC Staff Members Coauthor "Silencing Iran's Twitterati"
Want to Defuse the Iran Crisis?
The Washington Diplomat Profiles NIAC President
United 4 Iran: Send an E-Letter for Safe Release of Iranian Human Rights Lawyer
Republican Iran Saber Rattling is Bad for National Security and Harmful for Iranian Human Rights Defenders
Time for Obama to call his opponents' bluff on Iran
Rights Advocates Discuss the Future of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran
NIAC Gravely Concerned By Reports of Imminent Execution in Iran, Urges Systematic International Approach
Experts Agree that Nuclear Issue Should Not Distract From Human Rights
First Iranian-American to Interview Obama Presses Tough Issues
U.S. Department of State Hosts NIAC President Dr. Trita Parsi in Saudi Arabia
Analysts Debate the Iran-Israel-US Triangle
House, Senate Candidates Take a Stand on Issues Important to Iranian Americans
Sanctions Pull Rug From Under Iran (Mianeh)
Majd Reflects on Civil Rights, Sanctions and the Iranian Challenge for Democracy
NIAC Welcomes New Director of Community Outreach & Programming
State Department Updates Iran Travel Warning
NIAC Works to Prevent Banking Sanctions from Hitting Innocent Iranian Americans
Senior American Diplomat Rejoins NIAC Advisory Board
NGOs quietly press for access to Iran (Christian Science Monitor)
A Perfect Example of Smart Sanctions Versus Dumb Sanctions
In New Iran Sanctions Bill, Congressman Targets Iranian Passenger Planes
NIAC Welcomes Obama Effort Targeting Human Rights Abusers in Iran
Reporter Explores Iran Behind the Headlines
Senators Call for UN Human Rights Monitor on Iran
BBC World Today Radio Interviews NIAC Research Director
Top Official Addresses Iran Sanctions Concerns, Says US Leverage Increasing
Experts Debate Whether a Nuclear Iran Could Be Deterred
Iran's Foreign Policy Blunders
Video: Prevent War With Iran!
NIAC Calls on Obama Administration to Support a UN Human Rights Monitor on Iran
It's Time for Obama to Support a UN Rights Monitor on Iran
NIAC Calls for Release of Shiva Nazar Ahari
Stop the War Talk
Iranian American's Campaign for Irvine City Council Reinforced by Long Record of Civic Participation
Video: Mohammad Abdolahi Profiled by BBC
Iranian American Congressional Staffer Blazing Trail for Future Leaders
Rep. Sherman Wants to Help Ahmadinejad Punish Innocent Iranians
NIAC Condemns Alleged Torture of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani
Neocon War Plans Undermine Iranians' Quest for Democracy
Video: End the Unfair Treatment of Iranian Students
Iranian American Company Promotes Healthy Living
The Senate Calls on Iran to Release Three Detained Americans
The Republican back door to war with Iran
Testing for Iranian Students Reinstated but Sanctions Concerns Linger
Exciting Changes at NIAC This Summer
Iranian Americans Named to The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People 2010
Don't Let Congress Green-Light Attack on Iran
Resolution Green-Lighting Israeli Strikes on Iran Introduced by House Republicans
Is a Nuclear Deal Still Possible?
Can Obama Keep his Promise to Iran's Youth?
Urge President Obama to Keep His Promise to Iranian Students
Oklahoma Politicians Stand Up for Iranian People
Steadfast Efforts by Iranian-American Community Lead to Suspension of Insulting Ads
NIAC Hosts Members for Inside Look at Latest Developments in Washington
One Woman's Call to Civic Engagement
Ostad Takes Office as First Female President of Iranian American Bar Association
NIAC Welcomes Successful International Efforts to Halt Stoning Execution
Happy Independence Day
Obama Signs Sanctions Law, Highlights Measures Called for by NIAC
"My Conversation with President Obama Yesterday"
NIAC Urges Obama to Publicly Press Iran to Halt Execution of Zeinab Jalalian
Iranian-Kurdish Activist Faces Threat of Imminent Execution
California Group Advocates Universality of Human Rights
Congress Passes Sweeping Sanctions Against Iran
House Says Iran is Using Nuclear Program to Distract from Human Rights Abuses
Congress moves forward with 'crippling sanctions' (and misses opportunity to support Iranians)
NIAC Deeply Concerned by Congressional Sanctions Agreement
Analysis: Obama's Pursuit of Sanctions Came at Expense of Human Rights
NIAC Releases Transcript of June 17 and Nov. 4, 2009 Conferences
Relief International Offers Fellowships to Iranian-American Students
NIAC's Guide to Attending a Town Hall Meeting
Bill Targeting Iranians Seeking Visas Stalls in Congress
Treasury Expands Iran Blacklist Amid Sanctions Push
NIAC Releases Video of March 10, 2010 Capitol Hill Conference
Green Movement Honored with NED 2010 Democracy Award
NIAC Board Member Highlights Iran's Human Rights Abuses at UN
NIAC Applauds Senate and Administration's Calls for Human Rights in Iran, Now Urges Action
America's Future Partners: Turkey and Iran?
NIAC Calls on Iran to End Abuses, US to Engage on Human Rights Ahead of Election Anniversary
NIAC Congratulates Winning Iranian-American Candidates
Experts Explore Iran's "Political Purgatory"
Congressmen working with MEK to remove terrorist designation
Packed Crowd for NIAC Hill Briefing on Iran One Year After Election
Fmr. Bush Adm. Officials Argue Iran Strike May Be Necessary
U.N. Sanctions, U.S. Fuel Swap Response are a Setback to Resolving Iran Issues
Senate Bill is a Major Step Forward for Students Seeking Single-Entry Visa Fix
BBC Persian Covers NIAC's Efforts to Address Bus Ad Campaign
The Week in Green Episode 26: NIAC President Dr. Trita Parsi
NIAC Welcomes New Additions to Advisory Board, Board of Directors
Reuters: Powers should consider Iran fuel offer: experts
NIAC Announces Summer 2010 Public Service Fellow Roshan Alemi
Iran, Nonproliferation Experts Support Fuel Swap as Basis for Engagement
CNN: Iranian-American group: Ad sends a wrong, dangerous message
Southern California Iranian Americans Gharib and Manssourian Run for Office
Support the Dream Act
24-Year Old Iranian Faces Deportation, Execution for Leading Protest for Immigration Reform
NIAC Calls for Removal of Insulting Ads that Contribute to Atmosphere of Fear
NIAC Memo: Iran's Nuke Deal Irritates Washington
NIAC Memo: The Turkey-Brazil-Iran deal: Can Washington take 'yes' for an answer?
NIAC Members Chat with Advisory Board Member Reza Aslan (Full Transcript)
NIAC Members Chat with Advisory Board Member Reza Aslan
Vote This Primary Season!
"Not one, not two ...they were five" by Simin Behbahani
The Week in Green Episode 23: NIAC Advisory Board Member Reza Aslan
NIAC Holds Capitol Hill Briefing on Internal Political Situation in Iran
Oklahoma Legislature Stands With Iranian People
NIAC Condemns Iranian Executions Ahead of Election Anniversary
Video: Trita Parsi on The Century Foundation Panel
Video: Trita Parsi Interview With Mehdi Jedinia on WIN TV
Shirin Neshat: Creating Art in a Politicized World
Since When Is Iran a Champion For Women's Rights?
The Week in Green Episode 22: Prof. Cornel West
Military Strikes May be Necessary say Congressional Iran Sanctions Negotiators
NIAC Releases March 10, 2010 Conference Transcript
Iran, Gender Discrimination, and the UN's Women's Commission
Is the Sanctions Debate Justifying the Military Option?
Report: Iran's bid for UN human rights panel seat fails
The Hill: Changing Course on Iran Sanctions
What You Need to Know About Congress' Iran Sanctions
NIAC's 2010 Truthout on Andisheh TV
Census 2010 Forms Are On Their Way to Your Homes, Don't Forget to Complete and Return Them
Congress Slated to Vote on Norooz Resolution Next Week
NIAC Conference Highlights Demand for Human Rights of Iranian People
Broad Strategic Outlook Vital for US to Avoid Iran Confrontation
NIAC Urges Swift Action on Internet Freedom
Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition Launches
House Commission Hears Recommendations for Human Rights in Iran
House, Senate Propose New Human Rights Sanctions on Iran
UN General Assembly Recognizes Norooz
Tragedy in Haiti: Our Turn to Give Back
Bam 6.6 Highlights Humanity in Tragedy, Need for Easing of Humanitarian Restrictions
Allegedly Labeled "Terrorist," Iranian-American Businessman Sues for Defamation
Shadi Sadr Testifies at the UN on Her Imprisonment
Senate Condemns Rights Violations, Calls for UN Focus
NIAC Public Service Fellowship
NIAC Calls on Iranian Government to Respect Rights of Iranian People
NIAC Memo: We Must Not Ignore Human Rights in Iran
EU and US call on Iran to Uphold Human Rights on February 11
NIAC Memo: How Washington Can Help the Greens in Iran
SWIPA "Perfect" Abdo Tells House Committee
Iranian American 2010 Census Project Coalition Gains Momentum
Jonbesheh Rahe Sabz (Jaras) Praises NIAC for Promoting Civic Participation
NIAC Condemns Iranian Executions
NIAC Deplores Senate Vote to Sanction Iranian People
Obama Administration Officials' Statements on Iran Sanctions
NIAC Weighs in on Senate Sanctions Bill
The Latest Tool for Iran's Opposition: iPhone Apps
King County Republican Party Denounces STEP Act
Analysis: H.R. 4303 - The Stand with the Iranian People Act
Norooz Resolution Closer Than Ever to Passing Congress
Iranian 9/11 Hero: STEP Act a Mistake
Clinton to Speak on Internet Freedom in Repressive Regimes
NIAC calls for Disarmament of Basij Paramilitary to Ensure Security for Iranian Citizens
NIAC in the News
Senate, UN Resolutions Condemn Rights Abuses in Iran
NIAC Strongly Condemns Violence against Iranian Protesters during Ashura
NIAC Holds Capitol Hill Briefing on Human Rights Situation in Iran
NIAC Efforts to Reform Sanctions on Internet Tools for Iranians Successful
Some in Congress Get Smart on Iran
The Stand With the Iranian People Act
NIAC Lauds Introduction of Bills Helping the Iranian People
U.S.-Iran Policy Up for Debate
Amnesty International Releases Report Documenting Iran's Human Rights Abuses
Congress Votes on New Iran Sanctions Next Week
Obama Should End Silence on Human Rights Abuses in Iran
Reporters Without Borders Launches Campaign To Support Iranian Journalists
Dr. Nader Vadiee Named New Mexico Professor of the Year
Post-Election Iran: On the Streets and In the Prisons
Iranian American to Start White House Internship
Senate Denounces Treatment of Baha'is in Iran
BBC Investigates Neocon Attacks on NIAC
Connecticut Iranian American A Symbol for Civic Participation
NIAC Welcomes Fox's On-Air Apology to Haddadi
NIAC Welcomes Senate Passage of Iran Human Rights Resolution
Iranian American Survey Shows Support for Human Rights, Diplomacy over More Sanctions
BAIAD's Official Statement about Recent Attacks on NIAC
NIAC Stand's by its Record of Pursuing Peace Through Diplomacy
Texas Rep. Introduces Resolution Supporting Iranian People's Struggle for Rights
Human Rights and the Battle for Iran
NIAC And J Street, Progressive Foreign Policy Groups, Become Political Targets
Experts Suggest Patience, a "Grand Agenda" for Iran Talks
Truth Out 2010: Setting the Record Straight
NIAC Condemns Prison Sentence for Iranian American Scholar
The Struggle to Save the Persepolis Artifacts Continues!
House Denounces Treatment of Baha'is in Iran
NIAC Condemns Prison Sentence for Iranian American Scholar
The "Year of Iran" Continues at the Smithsonian
2010 Truth Out Campaign
NIAC Condemns Executions, Recent Human Rights Violations in Iran
NIAC Welcomes US-Iran Talks and the Inclusion of Human Rights
Iranian Scholars Urge US to Address Iran's Human Rights Violations
Iranian Filmmakers Get "Up Close and Personal" in LA
NIAC Defeats Iran War Resolution: Blockade Bill Shelved by Congress
Norooz Recognized by UN Calendar
Battle Over Persepolis Antiquities
Former NIAC Associate pens op-ed in Washington Post
Will the Focus at the UN Be on Ahmadinejad's Human Rights Abuses?
Nina Mohadjer Announces Candidacy for Municipal Office of Board of Education in Ridgefield, CT
NIAC Urges for Human Rights to be Included in Diplomacy with Iran
Christiane Amanpour Launches New Show
Shirin Neshat Wins Best Director at Venice Film Festival
NIAC Memo: To Talk or to Sanction - Obama's Iran Dilemma
NIAC Memo: IRGC Commander Acknowledges Military Involvement in Election Politics
Iranian American Nasim Pedrad joins SNL
NIAC's Membership Speaks Up: Delay Diplomacy, Oppose Broad Sanctions
NIAC Condemns 'Show Trials' and Campaign of Repression in Iran
NIAC Calls for the Release of Kian Tajbakhsh, an End to Political Detentions and Abuse
Act to Stop the Violence in Iran
NIAC calls on Iranian Government to end political detentions and violence against protesters
NIAC Calls for New Election in Iran
Amnesty International Denounces Khamenei's Remarks
NIAC condemns post-election violence
Iran Condemned for Child Execution
NIAC Condemns Iran's Jailing of Iranian-American Journalist
NIAC Welcomes Secretary of State's Appeal for Missing Americans in Iran
Ask President Obama to prevent the auction of priceless Persepolis artifacts
NIAC Memo: On Iran, Begin with the End in Mind
House Resolution Sheds Light on Iran's Violation of Baha'is Religious Freedom
NIAC Memo: Can Khatami Make a Comeback?
NIAC Memo: What Mutual Respect Means to Iran
Iranian Nobel laureate calls for rebuilding Iran-US relationship
Bill offers redress to victims of terrorist watchlist
Women's right defender imprisoned in Iran
NIAC welcomes appointment of Iranian American Vali Nasr to Obama Administration
NIAC Memo: Israel, Gaza and Iran: Trapping Obama in Imagined Fault Lines
Martin Luther King Day of Service
Transcript of NIAC's November conference on Capitol Hill available for download
International organizations condemn Ebadi persecution
Merrill Lynch to pay $1.55 million for anti-Iranian discrimination
Iran Raids Human Rights Center
Iranian-American Doctor Opens Free Clinic in Salt Lake City
Update: SBA 8 (a) FAQs
NIAC Forges Ahead in SBA Struggle
NIAC Memo: Why Diplomacy and Sanctions Don't Always Mix
NIAC Memo: The Battle for Iran
Through New Partnerships, NIAC Effectively Gets Out the Iranian-American Vote!
NIAC Memo: Iran's About Face on the Status of Forces Agreement
Lawmakers, Experts agree on diplomacy with Iran
NIAC Memo: Why US-Iran Talks Are Good for Israel
NIAC calls on Iranian authorities to honor the human rights of Esha Momeni
NIAC Memo: How to stop an Iranian bomb
NIAC Memo: Who Can Unseat Ahmadinejad?
Iranian-American student arrested in Iran, groups call for release
Iran Backtracks on Vow to Cease Juvenile Executions
NIAC Memo: Finding Options on Iran
Last-Minute Iran Sanctions Pass House
NIAC MEMO: IAEA Declares a Gridlock with Iran
Darius Shahinfar loses Democratic Primary in NY-21
The UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights Condemns Juvenile Executions in Iran
Iranian Women's Rights Advocates Score Stunning Victory
NIAC Statement on Human Rights in Iran
NIAC position on Human Rights in Iran
Amnesty International Condemns Iran for Youth Execution
Newsweek: Iran's Star Students Rush to America
Amnesty International condemns human violations against Kurds in Iran
Iranian American Bar Association Urges Reversal of Florida Law
The Risk of a US-Iran Proxy War
Mass Executions at Evin Prison in Iran
NIAC Memo: IRGC Reshuffling Aimed at Boosting Political Role
Iran Human Rights Violations Continue New Cases of Stoning and Arrests
Will Iran Freeze?
Iranian Civil Society Urges US to End "Democracy Fund," Ease Sanctions
World Archaeological Congress: No War with Iran
NIAC Welcomes Sen. McCain's Appointment of Iranian-American Liaison
NIAC Memo: Reading Solana in Tehran
Washington Times Op-Ed -- HConRes 362: Blockading Iran to war
The Alternative to an Israeli Attack on Iran
Transcript of "Breaking the Stalemate" Conference on Capitol Hill available for download
Background on Persepolis Artifact Case
NIAC memo: Why Tehran Will Reject the New Incentive Package
NIAC Memo: Who Is Making Tehran's Iraq Policy?
NIAC Memo: The Implications of Ali Larijani's Election
NIAC Memo: Larijani's Election Can Boost Congressional Diplomacy
Iran Sentences Juvenile Offender to Death, Defies International Treaties
Iranian NGOs to U.S.: "Don't Send us Money."
Human Rights Situation in Iran Continues to Deteriorate, Groups Report
Avner: For Israel, Military Option Still on the Table
Heritage a Key Element for Shahinfar
Trita Parsi Wins 2008 Council on Foreign Relations' Silver Medal Arthur Ross Book Award
Iranian American Student Sues Georgetown University for Ethnic Profiling
NIAC Selects 2008 Public Service and Journalism Fellow!
Parsi: Clinton's "obliterate Iran" statement irresponsible
Shirin Ebadi answers questions
NIAC Welcomes Creation of First Iranian-American Lobby
Video of NIAC's Senate Conference Panel I
Video of NIAC's Senate Conference "Breaking the US-Iran Stalemate"
Video of NIAC's Senate Conference Panel II
NIAC Conference: Feinstein urges "robust diplomacy" with Iran without preconditions
NIAC Conference: Majles elections won't make nuclear compromise easier
NIAC Conference: Blix, Pickering propose nuclear compromise
Shahinfar Runs for Congress
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wishes Iranian Americans a happy Nowruz
NIAC Memo: Will Iran's New Majles Pose a Challenge to Ahmadinejad?
NIAC enlists major law firm to protect Persian Tablets
International support for sanctions, military action against Iran declines
Human Rights and Islam in Iran
Legal Dance on Persepolis Artifacts Continues
NIAC Protests Google's Use of Divisive Terms for the Persian Gulf
Questions Remain about Iran Democracy Fund
NIAC Memo: Iran's Security Outlook
Iran Ethnic Minorities Seek US Help to Topple the Iranian Regime
Pictures from the NIAC Cocktail Party!
Inaugural NIAC California Action Summit Press RSVP
Inaugural NIAC California Action Summit Sponsor RSVP
Inaugural NIAC California Action Summit Speaker RSVP
First Annual NIAC California Action Summit Invited Guests RSVP
2013 Leadership Conference Survey
Expert Letter to President Obama
H.R.783: Bill Analysis
Zan Magazine: Providing for the Modern Woman
St. Louis National Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Boston Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Chicago Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
New York City Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Seattle Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Dallas Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Minneapolis Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
MD (Silver Springs) Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
LA (Beverly Hills) Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Houston Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Orange County Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
San Francisco Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
VA (Falls Church) Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Atlanta Day of Service: Saturday March 9,2013
Washington DC Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
San Diego Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
LA (Bellevue Avenue) Day of Service: Saturday, March 9, 2013
RSVP - An American Journalist in Tehran: The View from the Iranian Street
Stop Congress' New Pro-War Resolution
Republican Primary Debate: War of the Words
Say No to War: Tell Your Representative to Sign the Ellison-Jones Letter
Reuters: Bomb Kills Iran Nuclear Scientist as Crisis Mounts
WUSA9 Interviews NIAC's Abdi about Amir Hekmati
NY Times: Iran Imposes Death Sentence on U.S. Man Accused of Spying
Reuters: Analysis - Iran sanctions push is test for West diplomacy
What Happens When We Come Together?
Safety of Flight in Iran and Sanctions
Has War With Iran Already Begun?
Reuters: UK Expels Iran Diplomats after Embassy Attack
Bloomberg: U.K. Orders Closing of Iranian Embassy Over Tehran Attack
U.S.News & World Report: Iran Oil Embargo Could Hurt Europe and Help China, Russia
New York Times: America's Real Iran Problem
Reuters: U.N. Iran report likely to toughen Western sanctions
Reuters: IAEA report on Iran set to raise Middle East tension
CS Monitor: US pushes toward more biting Iran sanctions
IPS: U.S. House Committee Okays Sweeping Sanctions On Iran
Politics in Iran and abroad factor into timing of American hikers' release
Ahmadinejad says US hikers in Iran will be released soon. Why now?
Hoping for a Ramadan Gift
IPS: New Iran Sanctions Could Bring Unintended Blowback
The National: US Move to Delist MEK as Terror Group Worries Iran's Opposition
OFAC Clarifies that Iranian Americans May Continue Flying on Iran Air
The world can only watch as Iran implodes from within
Iran's Power Struggle Lacks a Good Guy
Financial Times: US puts new sanctions on Iran security forces
International voices outraged following the death of Iran's Haleh Sahabi
IPS: New Iran Sanctions Could Push Petrol Prices Even Higher
Macleans: World Who's the real supreme leader?
VOA Persian Interviews NIAC about Visa Policy Fix
The Chronicle of Higher Education: U.S. Eases Visa Policy for Iranian Students
Virginia Connection: Ebadi Comes to McLean
Is Iran Still Center Of Middle East's 'Great Game?'
NIAC President Speaks to Harvard Law School (Video)
Opposition in Iran Proves It Is Still Strong
NIAC Survey Results: Graphs
Wisconsin Candidate Survey Responses
Washington Candiate Questionnaire Responses
California Candidate Questionnaire Responses
Texas Candidate Questionnaire Responses
Virginia Candidate Questionnaire Responses
Virginia Candidate Questionnaire Responses
Illinois Candidate Questionnaire Responses
Listen: Iran, the Bomb, and American Policy
NGO Coalition Calls on U.S. to Lift Ban on Humanitarian Relief for Iranians
The Stand With the Iranian People Challenge
The Contradictory Voices of the Washington Times
CNN Reports on Hamed Haddadi, the NBA's 1st Iranian Player
Tell President Obama to Fix the Single-Entry Only Policy for Iranian Students in the US
Columbia to Host Forum on New Media and Social Change in Iran
NIAC President Trita Parsi on VOA's Persian News Network
Former NIAC Intern Crowned Miss Gem City in Illinois
Iranians No Longer Targeted Automatically for Extra Airport Screening
Inside Washington: NIAC's Battle to Save the Persepolis Tablets
Amanpour is Being Attacked Because She's Iranian
War with Iran by Any Other Name
Congressman to Introduce Resolution Supporting Israeli Strike on Iran
Open Letter to GOP Reps on Their Refusal to Wish Iranians a Happy Norooz
U.S. Congress Officially Recognizes Norooz
BBC Persian Covers NIAC's Efforts to Pass Norooz Resolution
Norooz Resolution Gains Momentum in the Senate
Norooz Resolution to be Introduced in the Senate Today
Video of House Passage of Norooz Resolution
House Passes Historic Norooz Resolution
NIAC Condemns Iran Death Sentences
Moms Against Poverty Supports SWIPA
Ask Congress to Recognize Norooz in Time for the New Year
NIAC Applauds Administration's Correction of Harmful Internet Sanctions
A Blueprint for Ending Human Rights Abuses in Iran
Congressional Testimony of Trita Parsi on Human Rights in Iran
Iranian American Running for Contra Costa County District Attorney
Documentary on First Female Iranian Olympian to Premiere at Sundance
NIAC Urges Iranian Government to Abandon the Path of Violence and Oppression
Tell Congress to Stop the STEP Act
NIAC Memo: Ancient Persian Legacy Still Plays Role in Revolutionary Iran
Breaking: Language to Deport Iranians Dropped from STEP Act
NIAC Delivers 5,000 Letters Protesting Legislation to Deport Iranians
Open Letter to Congressman Gresham Barrett on his plans to deport all Iranian visa holders
Freer and Sackler Galleries' 14th Annual Iranian Film Festival Debuts
Do Sanctions Work?: Iran, Proliferation, and US Policy
Stop Congressman Barrett's Bill to Deport Iranians
Congressman Introducing Legislation to Bar & Deport Iranians from U.S.
How New Airport Security Measures May Affect You
U.S. Decides to Punish Iranian Regime, Not People
NIAC Applauds Shift Toward Targeted Sanctions
NIAC Memo: Has Iran Reached a Breaking Point?
NIAC Memo: Anatomy of a Nuclear Breakthrough Gone Backwards
White House Statement on Ayatollah Montazeri's Death
Social Network or Sanction? Let's Tweet About It
House Approves Gasoline Embargo
House Subcommittee Hears Reservations on Sanctions Ahead of Vote
The Iranian Digital Empowerment Act (IDEA)
Iranian American Farid Khavari Running for Governor of Florida
NIAC Joins Campaign to Make Neda Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"
Fox Heeds Iranian American Calls, Apologizes to Haddadi
Iranian American 2010 Census Coalition Mobilizes
Interview: Protesting Against Ahmadinejad at the UN
Throwing Ahmadinejad a Lifeline
Seattle Iranian Americans Get Involved
Treasury rejects freezing Iran visitors' bank accounts
Iranian American Organizations Unite to Form Iranian American 2010 Census Project Coalition
NIAC Memo: The case for a tactical pause with Iran
Now is our chance to save the Persepolis tablets!
Microsoft Continues to Ban Windows Live Messenger in Iran, Citing US Sanctions
Iran at a Crossroads: NIAC Member Survey
NIAC Memo: Reading Independence Day in Iran
Iran at a Crossroads: NIAC Member Survey
Camp Ayandeh 2009: From Building Trust to Becoming a Team Leader
Update on efforts to save the Persepolis artifacts
NIAC Welcomes Obama's Strong Condemnation of Violence by Iran's Government
NIAC Memo: What Obama Must Do Now On Iran
Iran Election Violence: What Should the US Do?
The Big Apple Raises $110,000 to Protect the Persepolis Tablets
Photos from NY Fundraiser for Persepolis
IAAB's Camp Ayandeh 2009- Community Building for Iranian-American Youth
NIAC Memo: Ahmadinejad's Little Helpers
Rep. Honda Introduces Bill to Unite Immigrant Families
Supreme Court Case can Decide Fate of Persepolis Tablets
Darius Shahinfar Announces Candidacy for Albany Chief City Auditor
NIAC Memo: Why Iran's Presidential Race Could Make a Difference
Clinton Against Imposing New Iran Sanctions For Now
Rep. Harman Retracts Statement on Iran, Expresses Regret
NIAC Responds to Rep. Harman's Disturbing Comments
Marjan Seirafi-Pour Protecting and Promoting the Iranian Identity for the Future
From the Big Apple to the Bluegrass State, Iranian Americans Get Involved
Congress pushing new sanctions; supporter says "Iranians are going to die" if passed
NIAC protests US military's use of the incorrect term "Arabian Gulf"
House committee passes Iran divestment bill
Darius Shahinfar to Speak at NIAC's NY Workshop
NIAC Memo: Why Roxana?
Iranian-American Plastic Surgeon Volunteers around the Globe
Iranian woman fearful of execution for crime committed as juvenile
NIAC Partnering with U.S. Dept. of Commerce for 2010 Census
Iranian-American Surgeon Gives Service Without Borders
Iranian American Mohammad Movassaghi wins American Chemical Society award
NIAC Sponsors the 4th International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora
Iranian Garage Band Finds Audience in America
Mountain in Bakhtiar Region in Iran Named After American nurse
LA Times: LA's Iranians Welcome Persian New Year - and Obama's Overture to their Homeland
NIAC's Norooz 1388 Washington, DC Metro Area Fundraiser
Iranian Americans Raise $50,000 to Preserve Persepolis Artifacts
NIAC Memo: Did Tehran Really Rebuff Obama?
Thank President Obama for his wonderful Norooz message and ask him to protect the Persian tablets
NIAC Wishes A Happy and Prosperous Norooz to All
NIAC's Amicus Brief to Save Persepolis Tablets Available for Download
First-Ever Norooz Resolution Introduced in House of Representatives
Children of Persia and the Momeni Foundation Accepting 2009-2010 Scholarship Applications
Five minutes to Midnight? Congress Debates Iran Divestment
Urge Congress to Pass First-Ever Norooz Resolution
Building Iranian-American Influence in Colorado
Appeal for Protection of Persian Artifacts Reaches New Heights
NIAC President Trita Parsi Testifies Before House Financial Services Subcommittee
Support NIAC's Persepolis Fund!
Iranian American Ross Mirkarimi Appointed to California Coastal Commission
NIAC Memo: Iraqi Provincial Elections - What Tehran Has Lost
Apply Now for a White House Internship!
NIAC Condemns Incarceration of Iranian-American Journalist
Don't Punish American Workers
On US and Iran, is there an end game?
Tehran condemned over stoning executions
NIAC Congratulates President-elect Barack Obama
UN issues report on Human Rights in Iran, expresses concern over violations
Libertarian Presidential Candidate Stresses Engagement With Iran, Diplomatic Talks "Long Overdue"
NIAC Memo: Beneath Bravado, Iran Prepares for US Attack
NIAC Memo: How (not) to Win the Hearts and Minds of Iranians
NIAC Files Defamation Lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam
NIAC Memo: Can P5+1 Offer Break the Nuclear Stalemate?
NIAC Memo: Helping the Mullahs, Hurting the Poor
NIAC Memo: IAEA'S Latest Iran Report: Time to Move on
NIAC Memo: On the Hazards of Over-Interpreting Iranian Politics
NIAC Memo: How to Prevent War at the Strait of Hormuz?
Iranian Americans and the Senate: A Chamber in the Balance
NIAC Memo: Will Naval Incident Undermine Bush's Iran Message?
NIAC Memo: Iran's "Unduly Provocative" Act against the US Navy?
Iranian-American Influence on the Presidential Primaries
NIAC memo: Breaking Israel's Strategic Paralysis on Iran
NIAC Applauds Proposal to Enable Iranians' Online Activities
NIAC Memo: US - Iran Dialogue Key to Regional Stability?
NIAC Memo: Iran in the Shadow of Annapolis
NIAC Memo: Is the Iran NIE a Blessing in Disguise for Israel?
NIAC Memo: Can the NIE Evade the Risk for War?
Parsi: Policy should be adjusted to NIE Reality Check
NIAC Memo: An Inconvenient Reality: Sunnis Remain Source of Most Foreign Fighters in Iraq
Pentagon Defends Cagan on "I hate all Iranians" Remark
IAEA-Iran Cooperation Accentuates Political Nature of Dispute
NIAC Memo: U.S. Sanctions on Iran: Will They Work?
Kar: The Mother of Democracy is Freedom of Expression
NIAC Memo: Seven Myths about Iran
NIAC Memo: Factionalism and Iran's Ruling Elite: Reality or Illusion?
NIAC Memo: Assessing the Iran-IAEA Nuclear Workplan
WSJ Op-ed Attacks Iranian Americans for Backing Iran's Leading Democracy Activists
NIAC Memo: A Sober Analysis of Iran
Groups Urge Congress to Stop Funding Failed Iran "Democracy" Program
NIAC expands Board in Seattle
Iranian-American beaten in racist attack in NY
See NIAC's financial growth and tax-returns
NIAC op-ed in the Hill: Fund bridges, not failed policy
PARSA Film Honors Persian Philanthropy
NIAC Protests Dispatch Cartoon Depicting Iranians as Cockroaches
NIAC Welcomes Release of Iranian Americans
NIAC Memo: Bush Indictment of Iran Tops Usual Rhetoric
NIAC Publishes Transcripts and Video of Human Rights Conference on Capitol Hill
NIAC Memo: Terror Label for Guard Corp Entrenches US-Iran Enmity
NIAC Memo: A New Cold War with Iran?
Merrill Lynch Faces Lawsuits from Iranian Americans
Iran Human Rights Violations, US Policy Criticized at NIAC Conference
No more Iranian American "honor killing" in major Hollywood picture
NIAC Memo: Success in U.S.-Iran Security Talks Requires Balanced View
NIAC Welcomes Second Round of US-Iran Talks
Five extraordinary Iranian Americans love both countries but loathe their leaders' war talk
NIAC Memo: Iraq - One-Sided Focus on Iran's Role Counterproductive
NIAC Makes Progress in Defamation Case with VOA Persian
Camp Ayandeh Featured in Washington Post
EEOC: Merrill Lynch Hired Iranian for His Brains, Fired Him for His Nationality
NIAC Memo: Might the U.S., Iran Cooperate on Al-Qaida?
Congress Debates Need for Change in Democracy Rhetoric Towards Iran, Middle East
Meehan's Resolution Condemns Discrimination Against Iranian Americans
NIAC Memo: New War Rhetoric Undercuts Iraq Talks
Immigration Bill Pulled from Senate Floor
Two Family Reunification Amendments Fail in Senate
Civil Rights Group Warns of New Random Screening List
Immigration Reform Bill Amendments Help Iranian-American Families Reunite
'Crossing Over' Director Says No More 'Honor Killing,' NIAC Looks to Confirm Changes
NIAC Memo: U.S.-Iran Convergence in Iraq?
Representatives Moran and Van Hollen Call for Release of Esfandiari
NIAC Welcomes US-Iran Talks in Baghdad
NIAC Memo: The Challenges in Forcing Iranian "Behavior Change"
NIAC Memo: Scholars Bear Brunt of Anti-Diplomacy Backlash
NIAC condemns arrest of Iranian American scholars
Lawmakers Discuss Iran Policy at NIAC Lunch Briefing
NIAC protests upcoming film depicting Iranian-American 'honor killing'
NIAC deplores Tehran's arrest of Iranian-Americans
NIAC Memo: Can Europe End the Lose-Lose Game with Iran?
"The New Great American Director"- Iranian American Ramin Bahrani
Tehran's Delay of Talks in Sharm el-Sheikh a Missed Opportunity
Library of Congress Hosts Iranian Cultural Event
NIAC rebuts MKO and FrontPage Magazine's untruths and fabrications
NIAC Memo: A Counterproductive Precondition
NIAC memo: Supporting Terror to Destabilize Iran Will Backfire
NIAC memo: Supporting Terror to Destabilize Iran Will Backfire
Irvine, California Formally Celebrates Persian New Year
NIAC Memo: Duel for leverage fuels conflict, not diplomacy
NIAC Publishes Transcripts of February Capitol Hill Conference on Iran
Iranian American Leila Vaziri Takes Gold in Melbourne
NIAC Memo: How Not to Foster Democracy in Iran
Senate Hearing Addresses Means of Alleviating Radicalism in the U.S.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Condemn Detention of Iranian Women
Iran Sanctions Debate Moves to California State Assembly
NIAC Interview with Payvand: Iranian-Americans are double stake-holders in peace between US and Iran
NIAC Memo: Will Surge Hurt US More Than Sanctions Hurt Iran?
USCIS Proposes Drastic Immigration Fee Increases
Supporting a Wise Iran Policy: What Congress Can Do
House Intelligence Leader Calls for Sanctions on Iran
Ancestory Working Group Unveils Legal Arguments to Support Census Ethnic Heritage Question
You Are Invited to NIAC/IABA Happy Hour
Lantos Call for More Iran Sanctions at Hearing
NIAC Memo: What if Iran Suspends? A Western Dilemma
UCLA Student Files Suit Over Tasing Incident
UCLA Student Files Suit Over Tasing Incident
NIAC Hosts Congressional Breakfast Briefing
NIAC Memo: Bush's Iraq Plan - Goading Iran into War
NIAC Memo: Confronting Iran Won't End Iranian Influence in Iraq
2010 Census Recommendation Panel Rejects Ethnic Ancestry Data's Inclusion
Steps to Success
Homeland Security to Assign Terrorist Risk Profiles to Travelers
President of NIAC Says UN Sanctions on Iran Not Bringing US Closer to Solution
NIAC Memo: Will Sanctions Hurt or Aid Iran?
NIAC Memo: Blair's Messege Echo Past Failure
NIAC Issue Brief: Implementing the Iraq Study Group's Recommendations on Iran
NIAC Memo: The Fantasy of A "Sunni Bulwark" to Stabilize Iraq
Elections Setback House Immigration Hardliners
NIAC Welcomes Independent Investigation of UCLA Student Tasering
Election Analysis: Democrats Now Share Responsibility For Iraq and Iran
NIAC Memo: Iran Is Key to Course Change on Iraq
The Mid-term Elections and Iranian American Interests: Analysis of the Senate
NIAC Issue Brief: Why Iran Is a Different Challenge to the US
NIAC Issue Brief: Tehran's Iraq Strategy: Can It Help Or Only Hurt US Interests?
Spy Bill on Senate Agenda
NIAC Memo: The Khomeini Letter - Is Rafsanjani Warning the Hardliners?
NIAC Memo: Will UN Sanctions Make the Nuclear Impasse Unsolvable?
Border Security Bill Approved by Congress, Minus Immigration Reform
Register to Vote! See all Deadlines!
Ten Reasons to Vote in November!
NIAC Memo: Iran's French Offer - Can It Bridge The Political Divide?
Officials Give Conflicting Verdicts on State of Civic Participation
NIAC Memo: Italy Boosts Talks on Iran But Real Test Lies Ahead
NIAC Memo: Italy Boosts Talks on Iran But Real Test Lies Ahead
Undersecretary Burns: No Guarantee Sanctions Will Work
Anousheh Ansari Brings Pride To Iranian Americans
The Iranian nuclear stand-off: A political or technical problem?
NIAC Memo: Khatami's Visit Shows Iran Has More Than One Voice
Giving Diplomacy a Chance
Iranian American Discrimination Immigration or Foreign Policy Roots?
NIAC Issue Brief: Has Iran Lost Its Right to Enrichment?
NIAC Memo: Rush to Sanctions Is a Slippery Slope Towards Military Action
NIAC Memo: Responding to an Iranian Counter-Proposal: The Lessons of Lebanon
Portland Iranian Americans Honor Congressman Blumenauer
NIAC Memo:The P5+1 Proposal: What's in it for Iran?
NIAC Issue Brief: Assessing the P5+1 Package to Iran
Iran to defend itself in ongoing legal dispute over Persian artifacts
Legal Disputes Against Harvard and the University Of Chicago over Persian Artifacts Continue
Congress Completes Work on Temporary ILSA Extension
NIAC Issue Brief: Influencing Iran's Nuclear Options
NIAC Community Advisory: Know Your Rights on Possible FBI Interviews of Iranian-Americans
Temporary Iran Sanctions Reauthorization Passed in the House
NIAC and IABA Join Forces to Protect Ancient Persian Artifact
NIAC Issue Brief: Is Iran Behind the War in Lebanon?
Congress Committee Meets to Iron Out Differences over Immigration Bills
Akbar Ganji Favors Nonviolent Resistance to Policies of the Islamic Republic
NIAC Memo:The Suspension Precondition: Lessons from Past EU-Iran Negotiation
Analysis of Immigration Acts S.2611 And H.R. 4437
Senator Isakson's Trigger Amendment Proposed as Solution to Immigration Debate
NIAC Memo: The July 5 Deadline for Iran to Respond to US-Sponsored Proposal
NIAC Fundraiser Features Virginia Congressman And Iranian Studies Pioneer
Immigration Bill Clears Senate with Guest Worker and Legalization Provisions in Tact
Immigration Rally Holding Up Debate, California Congressman Contends
President Urges Resolution to Immigration Debate by Memorial Day
Senate Appropriators Fully Fund Iran Democracy Initiatives
War Supplemental Sails Through House, Includes Funding for Iran Democracy Programs
Senate Immigration Bill Debate Remains Locked in Stalemate
House Approves Higher Education Bill Containing College Relief for Farsi Language Learners
NIAC 8(a) Support Project
Monitoring and Responding to Discrimination
All Politics Are Local
NIAC Empowers Membership, Adopts Stronger Advocacy Profile
Iranian Americans in Maryland Meet with Local Officials
Iranian American Runs for Congress in Dallas
NIAC's Guide to the U.S. Presidential Electoral Process
Copy of NIAC's Guide to the U.S. Presidential Electoral Process
2006 NIAC Winter Happy Hour
Voter Registration Deadlines for Nov. 7th Elections Fast Approaching!
AIAP and NIAC Present
Immigration Bill to Be Considered by Senate in February
NIAC Members Meet Susan Davis (D-CA) in San Diego
Scholastic Reinstates Persia in "The New Book of Knowledge"
NIAC Spearheads Efforts to Pre-Empt Abuse of Persian Gulf
Iranian-American Katrina Fund Donates $16,610 to Katrina Victims
Aslan: Isolation of Iran Enables Human Rights Violations
NIAC Offers Resources on Its Website to Help Battered Immigrant Women
NIAC Thanks Executive Director Dokhi Fassihian for Her Outstanding Service
Decision Making in the US Senate - An Inside View
San Francisco Panel Says More Community Democratic Participation Needed
Senate Reviews Immigration Proposals
Najafi: Fundraising to Empower the Iranian-American Community
Pictures From NIAC-IABA Happy Hour in DC and NIAC Happy Hour in LA
Iranian-American Dentist Is Top Candidate for the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners
U.S. Census Begins Nationwide Implementation of the American Community Survey
NIAC Collaborates with ACLU Coalition to Educate Iranian Americans on Their Rights
Brownback Panel: Human Rights Situation in Iran Deteriorating
Patriot Act Faces Setback in House
McDermott: 'Now Is the Time to Keep Your Heads Up'
Real ID Act Gets Makeover, Proposes Sweeping Changes
Davis: "Our Best Policy Toward Iran is to Be Successful in Iraq"
Real ID Act to Be Debated in Senate April 11
Behroo Bagheri, Iranian-American Artist, Wins Evolving Perception Scholarship Fund
NIAC Proudly Welcomes Its Newest Board Members
NIAC Submits Petition to the SBA for Group Inclusion of Iranian Americans to the (8)a Program
Senator Mikulski Tells NIAC Members 'You Don't Have to Melt to Be American'
Legislation Aims to Tighten Asylum and Driver's Licence Laws, Strengthen Deportation Rules
Iranian Americans Celebrate Their Vote and Watch the First Presidential Debate
National Geographic Falls Short on Changes Proposed to the Iranian-American Community
Progress Made in Talks on Persian Gulf Between NIAC and National Geographic
Mayor Hahn of Los Angeles Stresses the Importance of Voting to Iranian Americans
NIAC Increases Airing of Public Service Announcements Urging Iranian Americans to Vote
Iranian-American Physician Runs for City Council in Irvine
NIAC's Virginia Members Meet with Senator Warner
Iranian Americans Attend Public Forum on Immigration Hosted by Congressman Martin Meehan
Congressman Meehan to Host Iranian Immigration Forum
NIAC Interviews Michael Benjamin on his Fight to Run for US Senate
NIAC Alert: Civil Liberties and the Iranian-American Community
NIAC's Voter guide to the 2004 Congressional and Senatorial Elections
Young Iranian American Runs For Laguna Niguel City Council
Letter from Congressional Candidate Victor Elizalde to the National Iranian American Council
Independent Report Blasts INS Treatment of Iranians
The Role of Money in the US Electoral System
Maryland Members Discuss Range of Issues with Senator Sarbanes
NIAC Elects 4 New Board Members
Congress Addresses Selective Treatment of Europeans with Iranian and Middle Eastern Backgrounds
Cong. Waxman: I'm Fortunate to Represent the Largest Iranian-American Population in the Country
Early Voters Call the Shots: The Importance of Primaries
Pictures from NIAC's Two-Year Birthday Party
Pictures from NIAC's Two-Year Birthday Party
9/11 Commission Report and NSEERS: Request For Stories
Celebrate NIAC's Two-Year Anniversary!
First Iranian American Diaspora Conference Discusses Achievements and Challenges
Proposed Legislation Promises to Repeal Patriot Act, Restore Civil Liberties
Iranian-American Micro-Technologist Donates 8 Million to Portland State University
NIAC Virginia Members Meet with Senator Allen
NIAC Elects Five New Board Members
NIAC Special Reminder: Expiration of OFAC General License to Transfer Funds to Iran for Humanitarian
NIAC Fundraiser for Bam in New York
NIAC Representatives Tour Bam, Meet With Relief Organizations
Bay Area Fundraising Concert to be held March 12 for Orphans of Bam
NIAC Accepts MSNBC Don Imus' Public Apology to the Iranian-American Community
NIAC Demands Public Apology From Don Imus Of MSNBC, WFAN
Congressional Candidate Goli Ameri: "I'm Proud of my Persian Heritage"
NIAC and Many Hats Raise $4,500 for Bam in DC
NIAC Hosts Bam Fundraiser In New York
NIAC Seeks SBA (8) Status for Iranian-American Businesses
NIAC Meeting to be Held at UCLA
Fundraiser for Bam in Santa Clara on Feb 6
National Iranian American Council (NIAC-NY) Cordially invites you to a Fundraising Reception Benefit
Persian Text
Text In Persian Of NIAC Meetup For Earthquake On Jan 14
Center for International Disaster Information Publishes Guidelines in Persian
Children of Persia Humanitarian and Reconstruction Relief Plan for Bam
Want to Adopt an Orphaned Child from Bam?
NIAC Sponsored Event Raises $5,500 For Bam Victims
Verizon Contributes to Aid Effort in Iran
IAAB to Hold Conference on Iranian Diaspora
Iranian-American Technology Council Gala Raises 30K for NIAC
Special Registration Requirement Suspended
Funny in Farsi to be Part of Educational Curriculum in Orange County
NIAC Advisory on Special Registration for Iranians
Bill to Ban Iranian Visas May Be Reintroduced
NIAC Schedules Meetups in 73 Cities for National Iranian-American Meetup Day
ADC Update: Immigration Re-Registration Reminder
NIAC Phone Campaign on Proposal to Deport All Iranian Non-Immigrants
Talking Points in Support of H.R. 3075
Panel Discusses Muslim American Participation in American Politics
NSEERS Changed to US VISIT, but New Programs Brings Little Change
NIAC Seeks Meeting with
Northern California Iranian-Americans Engage with Congressional Representative
Initial NIAC Victory Against
Iranian-Americans Discuss Concerns with Maryland Congressman at NIAC Congressional Breakfast
NIAC Questions's Reading of Iran Sanctions
Member Publishes Book on Iraq
Member Publishes Book on Iraq
Iranian-Americans Discuss Concerns with Virginia Congressman in Pilot Congressional Breakfast Series
Dr. Mansour Farhang Addresses Human Rights and Democracy in Iran
Call for Congressional Inquiry into INS Registrations Heeded-Compromise on McCain Ammendment
The ACLU Seeks NIAC's Help in Supporting Iranians Affected by Special Registration
Tri-State Chapter Holds First Meeting
Dr. Houtan- Iranian-American Philanthropist
National Immigration Forum Letter to President Bush
NIAC's Congressional INS Campaign Wins Sympathy
If You Missed the INS Deadline...
NIAC Meets with Subcommittee on Immigration
IABA, NIAC and IAPAC Hold Unity Campaign
The NIAC Happy Hour!
Iranian-Americans and the 2002 Elections
Lobbyists Discuss Developing an Iranian-American Political Voice
NIAC Poll Shows Iranian Americans Suspicion of Government
Iranian Nationals Must Register with the INS by December 16, 2002
Why Voting This Tuesday Is Important for Our Community
Morella and Van Hollen on Iranian-American Issues
Morella, Sherman and Honda Oppose Ban on Iranian Visas
Organized Phone Campaign Regarding Visas to Iranians
Should Visas to Iranians Be Stopped?
Unexpected Green Card Help
Third Parties and Iranian-American Issues
State Announces Implication of New Visa Law
The NIAC Happy Hour Gets Happier!
NIAC Reminds Iranian Americans to Vote in Sept. 10 Primaries
Registration Requirements for Iranian Nationals Made Final
Cyrus Mehri Proposes the "Haft Seen Of Goodness" to Dispel Misconceptions about Iranians
A "Happy" Success For NIAC's First Happy Hour!
Rep. Gekas Immigration Bill Loses Steam
Rep. Gekas Introduces New Immigration Bill
NIAC Receives Grant from the Prestigious National Endowment for Democracy
The New Immigration Law: How to Translate Our Resources into Positive Influence
Congressman Ney Meets with Iranian Americans
Iranian Americans Finding Success on Capitol Hill
Pictures from the NIAC Happy Hour!
Pictures from NIAC's Happy Hour!
Pictures from the IATC Gala
Project Misplaced: Documenting the Underbelly of Contemporary Iranian-American Culture
NIAC's Sources of Finance in 2002
Join NIAC and Evolving Perceptions
NIAC Introduces Legwatch Capitol Hill Newsletter
Reza Aslan: Islam, Democracy and the War on Terror