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Iran Fact Check: Revoke Netanyahu's Free Pass to Sell War

Today NIAC is launching Iran Fact Check ( to provide the facts and tools to help the public hold the media and politicians accountable when they make false claims in support of another war.

Iran Fact CheckExactly ten years ago, Dick Cheney went on Meet the Press and was given a free pass to sell a war with Iraq based on “absolute certainty,” which turned out to be a massive distortion.  
So when Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu went on the same show this past Sunday to sell a new war with Iran, we thought Meet the Press had learned its lesson.
But when Netanyahu claimed Iran is “racing to develop nuclear bombs,” he wasn’t asked why U.S. and Israeli intelligence reject his claim.  He wasn’t asked why his warnings sounded so similar to his claims before the U.S. Congress in 2002 -- when he was testifying in support of war with Iraq -- that Iran was also “racing to develop nuclear weapons.”

If the media won’t heed the lesson of Iraq and do its job, somebody must hold them accountable.

Thankfully, we have the most important tool on our side to prevent war: the facts.  That’s why we are launching, a project to provide the public with the facts and to empower people to hold the media accountable.  
Please join us for our first campaign: send a letter to Meet the Press to tell them to correct Netanyahu’s distortions and stop giving war with Iran a free pass.

To read more about Netanyahu’s distortions on Meet the Press and to get the facts, visit


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