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Now is our chance to save the Persepolis tablets!

Right now, the Senate is considering legislation that would prevent attempts to confiscate and auction off some of the most powerful symbols of Persian civilization. This legislation is designed to protect the priceless artifacts from Takht-e-Jamshid and all the other Persian artifacts under attack.


A group of lawyers wants to seize these relics of our heritage and auction them off to the highest bidder. "Maybe they'll end up on coffee tables around the country," one lawyer for the plaintiffs mused.

We can't let this happen. Tell your Senators to support the Burris Amendment today!

Update Below:

Significant progress has been made toward protecting the Persepolis tablets and other Persian artifacts under threat. Key stakeholders came out in support of the Burris amendment, but ultimately it was withdrawn at the 11th hour after one member raised a concern about the technical implications of the amendment. We are working hard to address that concern, and Senator Burris remains committed to making sure cultural items like the Persian artifacts are protected.

Legislative efforts are rarely won in the first round, and we will continue to fight to protect the Persian artifacts. Senators Burris, Durbin, and Levin each deserve a special thank you for their efforts to protect cultural items. If you live in Illinois or Michigan, please take a moment to send a thank you note.


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